old timer

Friday, June 17, 2016

Look What I Found!

Hi guys!

I've been walking to try to get these old hips in better shape.  To get me out the door ... well, that took a bribe of sorts ... STARBUCKS!  What can I say.  I needed to treat myself for the 2 mile round trip walk.  One day I was walking through an alley and here's what I found.

Check this out....

Someone cut this old can and folded the edges
over so no one would get cut touching it.

Then they were kind enough to toss it out
on a day when I came walking through!

Wasn't that nice of them????

I love a fun find.  I think I need to start walking through the alleys ,,, AGAIN!!!  Save those coffee dollars for some thing. 

I think this needs a few holes punched in the bottom of it and then filled with flowers.  Sweet, simple, perfect!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. A great find! Love it 2.
    I'm glad to say, I only drink the one cup of coffee everyday. The hubby makes a pot, so I have one.

    1. coffee ,,, oh I do love one cup in the morning. have a great week!!!