old timer

Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's a Very Sad Day Around Here

Sometimes it hurts when things go wrong!!!

What could go wrong???

They closed down my metal recycle center!!!!

LOL!  DANG!!!!

I loved going there.  Rumor has it they got caught taking in stolen goods.  I don't know a single recycle center that doesn't.  One other rumor is the owner wants to open a marijuana shop.  Who knows.  BUT!!!  DANG IT ALL TO PIECES!!!!

I can't get in ... LOL!

Someone left their junk behind anyway.

Right now a construction company has moved in and put a very large sign outside that says they are NOT a metal recycler.  It's funny.  Obviously a lot of people don't know their easy money making business is gone!



  1. That stinks. We had 2 in our small town, 1 closed down.
    I never shopped around, but wanted to.