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Sunday, May 31, 2015

These Boots Were Made For???

These were fun to put together.

2 lonely boots made into birdhouses.

Work boot I found in the alley a year or 2 ago.

Of course I brought it home.

A good power lineman always has a
spare cotter pin on hand.

A single cowboy boot, a horse shoe
and a TEXAS license plate.

Who can resist making this? 
Not me!!!

It's fun!
I have a birdhouse like the top one in my front yard.  I "retired" my lineman boots back in 1991.  It's been a birdhouse ever since.  Yep ,,, it's had birds in it a couple times.  I had a cowboy boot birdhouse in my back yard for 2 years.  I was going to bring it to Sorticulture last year ... but ... it had baby birds in it.  I sure hope these 2 get them too! 

These will be at Sorticulture.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

What Do You Get When You Cross A Push Lawn Mower with a Wood Fence???

FUN!!!  What else!!!???  A Mercedes?

Check this out!!!

Yep!  It moves!!!

So ,,, I was at the recycle center and I found 2 push lawn mowers.  One I left alone and it will be at the show.  It's fun and OLD!  Nice!

The second one I cut apart ...  it started out looking like this ...               
Ugly ... Perfect !!!

I mounted it on a ceiling flange and a piece of
galvanized pipe.  Everything there was picked
up at the metal recycle center! 
Even the bolts.

Car or truck light cover?

Cougars and keys!

Motorcycle license plate.

MERCEDES BENZ medallion.

Crusty old fence boards and roof shingles.
This was fun to build.  Yep!  It moves.  The holes were made to catch a bird.  Let's hope it does.  The only thing new on this was a couple nails and screws.  SCHWEET!!!

Yep!  It will be at Sorticulture.  I sure hope to see you there.                              

Friday, May 29, 2015

Carousel Horses Wind Chime


Ready for a quickie???

I found 3 carousel horses that used
to go to a wind chime.

So I put them back into a wind chime.
The only new pieces are the beads.
Every other piece is used.
Sorry!  I meant to put something nicer on here ... I went to the garage for a few minutes and 4 hours later it's gettin' really late!!!  I'm covered in sawdust and can't wait to show you what I made.  FUN!!!
I promise (I hope) to do better tomorrow!!! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Recycled Beer Bottle Top Totems

Hi guys!

Last year I used a lot of fused glass in a few totems for the garden.  You can see them by clicking on this line.  I had a few green and brown left.  Here's what I did with them.

Left over glass and metal.

Add them to your flower bed for a little color
and sparkle all year long.

Same idea, just different parts and a lot taller.

A little brass, glass, lamp finials and bed post knobs.

More glass, brass, door knob and a lamp glass shade.

I love that creamy swirly glass ball.

These are fun.  I'm still trying to use only things in my garage, yard or house to build with.  So far, so good.  I haven't bought a nail or screw yet.  I'm using left over rod pieces from other projects.  And I'm emptying out a large cabinet of lamp parts.  YAY!!!  All the wood has come from my driveway .. so far!

I will have all of these at Sorticulture!  2 weeks from today I will be setting up my booth!  Holy CRAP Batman!  I better get it in gear.  SOON!  HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA  soon!   

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last Tripod Birdhouse


Last one!!!

Another birdhouse on a tripod.

This one is loaded with junk and
 2 old license plates for a roof.

An old folding measuring stick.

The black and white numbers came
off a utility pole.

This was fun to build.  BUT!  That's enough on tripods.  Time for something different!!!

YEP!  It will be at Sorticulture.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bowling Anyone? How TO!


Here's a quick little goody for your yard. 

          I LOVE stuff like this!

Are you a bowler???

It says Happy Birthday from Leilani Lanes.
  Someone loved bowling!

On the bottom of the pin is a hole.  Drill it
deeper with a bit the same size as the rod you
would like to insert.  Then HAMMER the
rod in.  I put it in there quite a ways.

I used a 3/8" threaded rod because that was what I had handy.  I drilled the existing hole at least another 2 inches deeper.  Then I took my hammer and pounded that rod in as far as I could get it to go.  I left about 8 to 10 inches of rod hanging out the bottom.  That way you just push the pin down into the dirt and the rod keeps the pin up straight.  None of this has to be exact.  I just picked up a piece of rod that was left over from other projects and used it.   

This is a quick and easy project.   A couple years ago I had 3 of these.  See them here.  I set them up in my booth like the first three pins on the alley.  They sold immediately.  It was fun.  I actually found this one in a garbage can!!!

Yep!  It will be at Sorticulture.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Scrap Metal and Old Fence Board Trellis

Hi guys.  How are ya???  All is well around here. 

Well, except I'm running short on time.  HAHAHA!  I can just hear you ... laughing!  I am too ,,, well, after I'm done crying.  LOL!  I'm one of those who works great under pressure.  Well, I think that changed this year.  I guess because I decided this is my last year for the show, Sorticulture, I just can't find it in my heart to get it in gear.  I just can't find that desire to make much.  EEK!  YEP!  I need my butt kicked.

Here's something I made that started with a purple window frame with no glass.  

 I love this little flower.  I've had it for years
just waiting for the right place to put it.

This is perfect for your garden.  A little
texture, art and it's functional.

It reminds me of honeycomb.

A penny for a washer and a lamp finial
to hold it all together.

Yes, I left the moss on the boards.

Do you remember the scrap metal I brought home a while back???  Click here if you'd like to see it.  I got lucky and found a few more of these panels.  AND!  This one fit inside this window frame perfectly.  I hope to make one more.

This will be at Sorticulture.  Only 2 1/2 weeks till show time.  OOPS!  :)       

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Car Hauler Trailer Fender Patio Light

OKAY!  So, here's what I believe happens at Sorticulture, my garden art show.   It's a 3 day show.  Day one:  Friday is full of serious garden art buyers and that hard to find plant buyer.  People who want that one of a kind art piece(s) for their garden and homes.  Day two:  Saturday is full of people who are looking for fun, different and hard to find items, art and plants for their garden.  Day three:  Sunday is FULL of people who want to come after church for a stroll through the beautiful park grounds and hang out with their kids and dogs, maybe have some food and drinks.  They sell a lot of plants on Sundays.

To me that means most of my buyers are Friday buyers.  I make about 50 to 60 percent of my sales on Friday between 8am and 4pm.  HUH?  Yes ,,, 8am.  The show opens at 10am.  They want that odd ball piece.  It's my lucky day!  I love to make art versus craft.  BUT!  Honestly it's hard to sell real art.  Art that's out there and strange.  Probably 90 to 95 percent of what I bring I call craft. 

I went to the metal recycler the other day.  Just as I was leaving I decided to look in one area again!  AND I SCORED!!!  I found a fender from a car hauling trailer.  Here it is as one of my art pieces. 

This can go inside your house or outside.
I made it with your patio in mind.

Lit up inside the garage.  The cord won't show
like it does here.  I still have a little work
left to do under there.

This is all I had for lights.  They are a little
bigger than I would have liked them to be.

Several different lamps made this finial.

The copper will age to a nice greenish blue
in time.  I'll give them a head start with ammonia.

4 large metal corner brackets, corbels,
 hold this up.

There are 2 small metal corner brackets that hold
the fender to the 4X4.  This makes it easy to haul home.

I had a blast making this.  The only thing new on this is the string of lights.  I tried to use them in a different project a couple years ago.  It didn't work out.  They sure came in handy. 

I hope to make one or two more with bicycle fenders soon!

OH!  My messy garage.  SORRY!  I have a neighbor running a theft ring through their place.  They love my metal.  I had to move all my copper and brass into the garage.  What a mess.  Well, what a bigger mess than before.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Birdhouse on a Tripod - A Different Look


Here's a quick peek at a new birdhouse on a tripod.

Sorry!  I have to hurry ,,, there's a hockey game on.  ???? What can I say???  It's so nice to see these guys still dressing up to get to the game.  Thank you for not losing that!!!



The base is made from 4 picket fence tops I
have been saving for a year to use in a
special place.  I guess this was it.

Mounted on a tripod.

One side.

The other side.


This is the way I made both tripods so they
would be easier to set in place.
A little chain, a little copper.

I might put a little more trim around the base to clean it up.  ???  Maybe!  We'll see.  

Did you read yesterdays post???  If not ,,, check this out.  I mentioned I found a new goody.  This is a messy shot.  BUT!  You can see it's beginning (don't look too hard!  I'll explain in a post coming soon on this PATIO LIGHT) ....

Car trailer fender, lamp parts, old 4X4, 
6 old metal corbels and some Christmas lights. 
OH and the bottom ...  OH MY!!!

I hope to have this finished tonight so I can show it to you tomorrow!  IT'S AMAZING!!!!   I hope this will be the first piece I sell.  I think I know who will buy it too....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EEK!  I am soooooo excited about this one.  Why?  Art!  Not craft.  It's nice to get to make a real art piece once in a while!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Survey(or) Says: TILT Goes the Birdhouse

Howdy!  Survey says:  Okay,,, so I started with a tripod from quite a while back.  I'm not sure how old this is.  BUT!  It's pretty old and it's funky!  Instead of the top part being flat so you could put your equipment on it ,,, it's tilted.  SCHWEET!  Just what this artist ordered.  WHY??? 

LOOK .....

This birdhouse is mounted on
a surveyors? tripod.

This is what the house would look like on it's side.

OR standing up like I normally mount them.

This is holding the knot in the wood.  :)

This is what the top of the tripod looks like. 
Check out that angle.

This is the back.

The top (which is actually the side) has a couple
shakes on it from a neighbors garage they tore down.

This would normally be the top of the birdhouse.

The front of the top.

While I was out there 2 young osprey came by and
played right over the top of me.  They were rolling
around each other and talking like crazy!  FUN!!!

And my newest pair of birds have their babies in the
bottom hole (follow the arrow) of this house I built
some 10 years ago.  They are only 2 1/2 to 3 feet
off the ground there!!!
I do LOVE birdhouses.  I get pretty lucky getting birds in them.  I really believe it comes down to how high they are off the ground.  This is right next to where I park my truck.  They don't even look at me.

I have 2 more tripods to try.  All 3 are different.  Plus ... OH!  I just picked up a new goody!  If all goes well ... cross your fingers, PLEASE ... I'll show it to you real soon!!!

Yep!  This will be at Sorticulture.  The show starts 3 weeks from today ... EEEKKK!  HA!  It's more like crap ... get it in gear!  LOL!