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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I Saw It

I picked up a few hand saws and while the plasma cutter was out ...

Scrap metal?

I made a few signs.

SHED on a short saw.



Sorry!  The weather was getting ugly outside and it was looking like it was 8:00 at night.  DARK!

Fun signs.  Every year I bring a few signs of some kind.  I think this is it for this year.

These will be fun hanging on a garage or shed and just in time for Father's Day.  Yep!  They will be at Sorticulture.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Crown Planter

Check this out.  It used to be a small burn barrel ...

Isn't this just sweet?

And here's the piece that I cut off.

You see ,,, I'm thinking the crown planter is a fun piece to put on your porch, stairs or patio.  HEY!  Why not just throw it in your garden.  FUN!  I can easily see something growing up and out through the top.  Some type of ivy or clematis.

Then ,,, the leftover piece ... just throw it on the ground in your garden and let a plant grow over it.  Maybe some creeping Jenny or Corsica Mint.  YEP!  That's it!!!

I'm looking for more cans like this.  I realllllly like this!!!  It will be at Sorticulture in June.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Crown Toppers

Okay!  I've had enough of these crowns ... well ,,, for a while.

Here's a few more pictures of their tops,,,,

This was the first one I made. 

Top #2.  Check out the blue barrel rings!

Too fun!

Another angle so you can see the crystals.

I love this top!

My favorite!!!  It's a broken something, a rusted out
can lid and an oil can.  I'll cut the rod off later.

STILL!!!  All used pieces.  Not a single new piece is on any of these!  YAY!!!  These will be at Sorticulture.

Talk to ya soon!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Look What I Found!

Howdy guys!

Check out these goodies.

I think there's 15 of those little screens.

Those round (almost round) pieces are threaded.
That makes my life so easy.

I see more crown tops and another garden room divider coming up soon!   

Look at the flat piece above the back tire!

Isn't he sweet???  He's missing his front tire
... but, that's okay!  We don't mind.

This will be fun after I fix it up!!!  I'll show you the front later!

Have a great week!      

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Whiskey Barrel Rings - Trellis???


Well ,,,, it's only 8 weeks until Sorticulture.  Time to get it in gear ,,, well ...  soon!  :)'

Here's a fun crown I made using whiskey barrel rings, left over lamp parts, outdoor lamp parts and a couple nuts, bolts and screws from the recycle center.

YEP!  Nothing in this piece is new.  YAY!

FUN!  Just add it to your flower bed!
Trellis?  Or garden architecture?

The idea is you buy it.  Flatten it until you
get home.  Tighten up the 2 nuts.  Then
set it inside your flower bed.

More to come soon!

Every day during the show I hear one common concern.  How am I going to get this to my car or on the bus?

My thought was to make this easy to do that.  There are only 2 screws and nuts holding this together.  You can flatten it out to get it home.  Then you can use your hand or a wrench to tighten the nuts.  DONE!  I left the screw on the bottom long.  That way it will help hold it in place until your flowers grow over this to hold it down.

Talk to ya soon!    

Monday, April 13, 2015

Leftover Hypertufa FUN


OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I'm making hypertufa goodies with the leftovers.  Ready to see what I did ???

I started with a silver plate bowl and a tin heart mold.

Too holey!!!  But, not bad ....

Way too holey and not enough texture.
See the difference in the sides of each piece???

A glass votive and a
small glass Christmas ornament.

The votive is now a mushroom.  Not bad!

The small glass ornament up close.

Just break the glass.  Not enough texture. 
I won't do this one again.

Silicone molds I used for soaps.

A rose!!!  SWEET!  Still too holey!

Tiny hearts... yay!!!

Fresh from the mold.  Just brush your finger
over the edges and they clean up real nice!!!

Old Indigo Dye!!!  What???  HUH??? 
YES!  I'm going to use it.  Why throw it out?   
If you haven't figured this out yet ... I just like to see what happens when you try not to throw anything away.  I like to see if I can fit it into a piece of artwork.  No matter what it is.   I mean ... look!  That's all leftover concrete sitting there.  Now ,,, I have some cute little pieces that someone will want.  I can give them away or sell them cheap.  Everyone wins!!!

That nasty water ... LOL!!!  I put the lid on it and forgot about it.   SO!  The next batch of hypertufa is getting this as it's water.  Will it smell different?  That water smells like the dye ... icky!!!  Will it give the piece a little color?  Green or blue???  The water is green, but when exposed to air it turns blue!  OH MY!  What will I get? 

For me,,, my art is all about will it work?  An experiment.  I just love to try things.  Like the next batch of leftover concrete is getting a new recipe (less perlite, not so holey!), then torched.   YEP!  I'm taking fire to it!!!  YUM!  LOL!  If nothing else ... I'll have tons of fun!!!!

Talk to ya soon!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  Shell

Thursday, April 9, 2015

2 AMAZING Finds!

Hi ya' all!!!

Check out these 2 finds  .... oh my!!!

A solid brass sink!  Now I need some great
wood to make a base for it!

Isn't this a sweet heart???

Do I tear the seat out and plant it?
Or leave it alone???

I found these at the recycle center!!! 


Monday, April 6, 2015

An Old Glass Lamp Part, Hypertufa and Scrap Metal

Hi guys!

How are ya???  It's been so nice around here lately I thought I'd go outside and see what happened to the concrete I poured a week ago.  Some did well, well,,, some sucked!  BUT!  That's why I'm trying this early.

Concrete is something I've had fun with before.  For Sorticulture I want to try to use things that are already here at the house.  Things I've been saving and waiting to use.  I have this cupboard with many glass lamp parts.  Some shades, some columns.  SO!  Here's what a nice hypertufa mix did for me.

I mixed up some hypertufa and threw it
inside this old lamp column.

The bucket was resting on this rod,
keeping the rain off the piece.

I like this!!!  I can't wait to see
it covered in moss!

I added a few pieces of scrap metal.

Now I have a small garden totem.

Hide it inside your plants.

Or let it show from the middle of your plants.

This will only get better with age.

Too sweet!!!
Texture, texture and more texture!

For the next few weeks I'm going to be pouring tons of concrete into old lamp parts and what ever else I find that looks interesting.  Wait until you see what the leftover concrete looks like!  FUN!

Yes, these will be at Sorticulture.  SOON!  Okay, not until June.  :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Scrap Metal - YUM!


Look at this .....

Big, heavy, yummy scrap metal.

What makes this so good???
The copper goody at the end!!!

There's a lot of copper there right???  But, I only
want one piece of it ....
do you remember what I did with this ,,,,,,,

This is what I go looking for at scrap yards, alleys,
garbage cans,,, where ever there is scrap, junk or
just plain garbage ,,, there's almost always
a piece to use in building art.

Check out (click on any line below) these little goodies I made from a piece of copper just like the one in the picture above.

1)  Plain Metal Whale 
2) Old Metal Can Whale 
3) Garden Art  w/ crystals 

I love making something out of something that just doesn't belong.  Know what I mean?  It looks like a whale spout to me!  :)    

Only 2 more days until I hear about Sorticulture ... OHHHH!  I can't wait!!!!  LOL