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Friday, January 30, 2015

Look at this Sweet Vintage Fairy Garden Light

   OH MY!

       This is why I go looking for goodies. 

                This will be on Etsy soon!


Isn't she just the sweetest little lantern
you've ever seen?

The fairies broke out and made a run for it.

Needs new wiring.

The back is damaged,
but I would leave it alone.


Great view!  Nice color and texture.

How it mounts and hangs.


The hanger is secure. 
Your lantern can not fall off.

This is just gorgeous!  I wouldn't rewire it.  I'd set it in my garden some place so the fairies can come home.  They were being held by the troll and they had to break out of the back to get away.  They lost their house and they want to come home.  So, put this in your garden by some moss and a few clumps of wonderful flowers or small stumps.  Then they will show up and take care of your garden and it's good bugs just for you.

Some thing like that.  I suck at telling stories don't I?  Oh well.....

You could also set this on a metal or glass plate with a candle inside the lantern.  SWEET!

She's a beauty!  More soon!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I've Got Garlic Dip Breath YUMMMMMM!


How are ya???  I'm over here in the Northwest in record or near record heat.  Where are you?  Breaking any records?  I've seen some of the weather reports on TV here and I'm so happy I LOVE the rain!  I can not believe some of the snow and storms I see back East.  Hang in there guys!!!

Hey!  With the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl I was thinking of junk food to eat that day.  It's legal and fat free that day.  Tis Too!!!  LOL!

Here's an amazing garlic dip recipe that never fails to win the hearts and breaths of every one who tries it.  Just 5 ingredients.  If you want ,,, you can make it like I do.  How's that?  I don't measure.  Just toss everything in a bowl and mix, pour, bake!  DONE!  I know.  I suck at reading recipes.  tee hee hee!

The only way to mess up this recipe is by NOT putting enough garlic in it.  The Parmesan cheese gives it texture, crunch and a little flavor.

Here we go.  Please forgive the pictures.  Those icky new light bulbs turn all my pictures yellow.  ICK!!!

5 foods you love to hate!

Toss it all in a bowl, then throw that in a pie plate.

I saved a little... sorry, indoor picture!

OUTDOOR!  A little for me, a little for a friend.
We'll bake these Sunday.

Creamy and lumpy!  It's okay.  It's from the parm cheese.

350* for 40 to 45 minutes ..... OH MY!



Crunchy crusts!  You know you want to try it!!!

Just one BIG bite!!!
Can you smell it???

YEP!  My recycle guys got this today.

This was all that was left.  Sorry!  Indoor pic!

Here's the recipe:


1 ½ cups mayo

1 ½ cups sour cream

8 ounces cream cheese – softened

3 TBSP minced garlic, not dry (from a jar) OH>>> I like HEAPING TBSPs!!!

2 cups shredded parmesan cheese 






You can serve this warm or cold.  I like it either way, but it's delicious straight out of the oven!!!  I eat butter snap pretzels or Wheat Thins with this.  Any type of chip would work, just some better than others.
OH!  It makes a very large batch!  If I don't need this much ... just make half the recipe.  Or,,, well, I kind of put 1/2 the ingredients in.  Like the cream cheese,,, you can buy a 3 ounce block.  Close enough!  Only have 1 cup of Mayo at home,,, close enough.  These changes barely make a difference in the taste. 
This stuff is truly amazing.  Give it a try...


Monday, January 26, 2015

A Shower In The Making

Hi guys!

Look what I found!!!

Crusty and old!!!

Isn't this a sweet shower head???

Yep!  Old and used!!!  It just needs some TLC!!!

I get so excited when I find things like this.  Do you remember what last years shower looked like???  Click here to see it.

This is going to make a great shower for Sorticulture.

Thanks for stopping by!  Shell 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

An Alley Find and a Seahawks Win

Hi guys! 

How are ya???  Are you staying dry and warm???  Watching sports???  HUH?  LOL!  Today is one of favorite types of day.  It's Sunday.  It's warm for this time of year.  It's Seahawk game day.  So, this is how my day went .... ready?  NHL Rangers game first thing this morning,  YAY!  They won!  Sweet.  Seahawks game.  YAY!  They won.  NFL playoff game with New England and No Luck.  Poor kid!  THEN!  Bull riding.  It was a very full day.  LOL!  YES!  I did get a couple things done.  BUT!  A girls got to watch this stuff while she can and it was all in one day.  YAY!!!  

So!  Here's a little goodie I found in the alley.

Sweet little stand.

Rusty, crusty and ready for Sorticulture.

I do love a fun find.

I can't wait for the Super Bowl.  I'm thinking you might need a great garlic dip recipe for it.  SOON!  IT'S SOOO GOOOD!!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Finally It's Time to Get Started On Sorticulture Goodies!

Hi guys!

How are ya???  How's your weather???  It's SOGGY over here!  Warm though.  I've seen some of the nastiest snow storms back East on the news ,,, icky!  I hope you are warm and safe!!!

So!  Finally.  They sent out applications for Sorticulture my garden art show.  YAY!  Time to get some work done and get off my butt!

So ,,, what's first???  A list?  Several lists!

A list of what might be good to make. 

A list of what I have hanging out in the yard that I can use.

A list of what sold last year.

A list of what DIDN'T sell.  That's an important one.

Here's a fun find from the recycle center that will be at the show...

Chippy (LOL!) tea cart.

Check out that rust!

I need to repair the wheels axel.  No problem!

A sweet piece!!!

I will show you more goodies I've found during the next 5 months ,,, then it's show time.  IF I get accepted.  I should, but, you just never know.