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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Car Grill - YUM!

hahahaha!  NO!  It's not a BBQ!  I wish it was. 

How are ya???  All is well around here.  YAY!!! 

I found this little goody a while back and I thought I'd already shown it to you,,, but I don't see it.  SO!  Here it is again just in case!  It's a winner!!!

Isn't she just about the sweetest thing you've ever seen???
She wants to be a garden bench next year.  She said it's
time the truck tail gates were replaced with some
thing a little more "stylish".  LOL!

Won't this make an amazing garden bench???  I can see it now,,, the seat will be deep on the sides,,, room for pillows.... HEY BETH!  I need pillows!  tee hee hee!!!!  How about paisley pillows.  A print from the 40's or 50's???  Big Bohemian flowers and lace???  FUN!  Don't forget the fuzzy dice.

This will be at Sorticulture next year.  I just heard some good news about the show.  First the dates:  June 12, 13 & 14, 2015.  For those of you who enjoy strolling through the park and it's gorgeous trees.  The trees will still be there next year.  YEP!  The city was going to dig up the trees thanks to arsenic contamination.  It's not going to happen like they thought.  They are rethinking the work and it will not start until the second half of 2015.  YAY!!!

Thanks guys!  Shell   

Thursday, August 28, 2014

What Was I Going To Do With This???

Hi guys!

How's it going???  Are you ready for school???  HA!  NOPE?  Thank goodness my kids are grown up. 

I have been finding a few goodies lately,,, here's one,,, and???  I can't remember why it looked so good when I found it.  LOL!!!

I found this lately.  Yep, it's a candle holder.

Love the middle.  FUN!
This is why my back yard looks like hell!  It's horrible.  I saw this and I knew exactly what it wanted to be... well!  I FORGOT.  LOL!  It must not be as good as I first thought.  Hopefully by next June it will talk to me again.  hahaha!!!
This happens to me all the time.  BUT!  Most of the time I can find some thing to do with it.  I do know the top was the only part I considered cutting off.  Hummmm ......  
Good night!  Shell

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A New Birdhouse From My Helper & a Little Rugby

Hi guys!

What's up???  Around here,,, WOW!  It's been a busy last 2 weeks.  Sorry!  BUT!  Rugby and rodeo had to come before building or finding anything.  LOL!

YEP!  I found rugby 7's National Championships right here in my neighborhood ,,, of course I went! 

Then I hit the rodeo up in Lynden .... it was a hoot!  I haven't been to that fair in years.  It was wonderful and much larger than I thought it would be.  FANTASTIC!!!

First,,, check out my birdhouse helper... yep!  We made another and it's a winner! 

A Coke and a smile!  Yep it's a 2 holer,,, NO!  Not that
kind of 2 holer,,, it's a birdhouse!  :)

And a tail light!  There's more goodies on each side...

JJ came over to help my helper.  FUN! 
Rodeos are for "kids" of all ages.

What seems like a million years ago I played slow pitch softball, women's and co-ed, at a field called Fort Dent in Tukwila.  We are talking back around 1978 to 1985 ish.   Well, imagine my surprise when I went there a couple weeks ago to watch a rugby 7's national championship and there wasn't a single diamond around!  NO!  Not one!  :(   SAD!

There sure was a lot of soccer and rugby fields though.  WOW!  They fixed that whole area up so nicely.  It used to be you pulled into a parking lot, walked into a large complex of diamonds of dirt and wire ... wire fencing everywhere.  Not pretty, but WONDERFUL if you were the ball player.  NOW!  Oh my!  Someone put some SERIOUS money into this place.  It's a jocks dream.  Grass, turf, trees, a wonderful tree lined drive up into a well designed parking lot and then ,,,, there it - they were ,,, the Sounders practicing in a fenced in area at the far end of the park.  WOW!   For lunch I picked up a great BBQ lunch and took it out to my truck.  I put the tailgate down and watched a kids rugby match.  Then I went over to the Sounders practice, watched and took pictures ... sorry Clint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The following pictures were taken for 2 reasons ... 1:  I wanted to remember what I saw here and there.  2: a friend is writing a book with a rugby player as a character.  OH!  I did too!  I found her the rugby players for her book.  One male ,,, so male.  And one female ,,, very female and one Hell of a player!!!  Let's go look... OH!  And I found the cheerleaders.  LOL!  I LOVE THESE 2 MEN!!!  I found her a lot of things. 

Let's start with the view from the stands:

2 practice fields directly behind the seats
in the main stadium and Starfire Sports Complex.

The beer gardens ,,, of course ,,, they say rugby players
are big drinkers and brawlers. WELL, maybe, but
every team there was extremely well behaved and
professional (all amateur athletes).

View from the stands.  Behind those trees
the Sounders practiced.

View towards another field and the parking lots.

The first thing I saw was a women's team on the field. 
YEP!  The early games. Some things never change. 

My favorite rugby play.  The line out.  It's tough. 
Takes strength, balance and timing!  Nicely done guys!

Now ,,, let's see what I found for my buds book ... my favorite part!  We'll leave the best for last!  :-)

Hawaii wore wonderful t-shirts and sarongs between games.

The pony tail.

The entertainment.  OH!  Lou Stanfill you are the best! 
This wonderful pro rugger spent his day with the kids and
making some bucks for the boys & girls club.  The
patience he showed.  The kids would miss over and
over and he'd slide off his seat, jump out of the cage
 and tutor them on how to knock him off his seat. 
The kids had a BLAST!!! 

YEP!  Best body there in grey.  Men stopped and watched
this guy go by.  Confident, quiet and a pretty good player.   SWEET! HEY!  I might be old, but I'm not dead!!!

Then there were those Sounders.  Yes, that's Clint Dempsey
with his back to you.  Sorry, there really is a reason for
this. Just smile and pretend I'm really old and senile. 
It's the only excuse I have! 
Sorry Clint!!!! He knows why!  :) 

I LOVE THESE 2!!!  They were SO MUCH FUN! 
They helped one of the girls teams carry equipment. 
They were the best cheerleaders any team could
have asked for.  They were darling!!!

Big, bearded, built, beautiful. The 4 B's. What more can
I say... OH!  WAIT!  This young man was laughing
and smiling nearly every time I saw him.  No, I didn't
see him a lot, but when I did .... he was happy and the
team was having fun with him.  He looks like a
rugby MAN!  Enough said.  He's my pick for 
the leading man in a book!  Maybe?  PLEASE???

Oh... by the way,,, our Seattle-OPSB took the tournament in the last few seconds of the game!!!  It was a fantastic finish to a wonderful weekend.  Way to go guys!  

Sorry, I was so excited I didn't look to see that this
picture was crooked.  They always took the score off
the board so fast I didn't want to miss it.



Lately I've found some REALLY good pieces.  I'll show them to you very, very soon!  I promise!  Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, August 8, 2014

How To Make A NW Chili - The End!

Hi guys!

So?  How are ya???  How's the weather where you are?  It's GORGEOUS here!  YAY! 

I would like to show you how to finish your NW Chili.  Remember,, this is just an idea.  You can do anything you'd like!

First,,, round up some scrap metal.  I used license plates ... of course!  I mean I have them every where around here.  The idea is to use what you have.  DON'T spend money on new stuff if you can help it.

Here's the pile of scraps I started with.

I pulled out a handful and started with these.

I turned them over and drew a leaf on them. 
OKAY!  Back off!  I can't draw!!!   LOL!
Then I used those tin snips to cut them out.

I drilled a hole in one end and added a wire like you did
when you attached your bottle to the main chain.

You will need at least 5.

Now wire them to the chain on the links above the bottles. 
We are going to want a little room between the bottles
and the cap we are going to add next.

It's looking pretty good.   At this point I bent a
few of the plates to curve them.  I wanted them
to fit around a couple bottles.

Now we want to use a cap over this that will
HIDE that mess of wire!

This is a pile of the other end of those AWESOME
crowns that sold so well at Sorticulture. 
I still LOVE those crowns.

I'm really liking this,,, but it needs
a couple more on it. 

I took a step back, then a break.  I knew what I wanted
to do to finish this.  BUT!  I was selling this and I
honestly didn't think this was the customers style.

So I tried another top.  An old metal lamp shade.

I cut a hole in the top that was just
BARELY big enough to get that chain through.
Put the chain through it.


AND ,,, it's a keeper!!!

This really is a pretty easy to make art piece.  But, it takes time, patience and good luck finding those bottles.  After finishing this blog... I'm thinking I'll make another one.  Only this time, if I can find them, I'll use clear bottles and then I'll light it up.  Think of all those colors it could be!  From reds, greens, blues, and there's always PURPLE!!!  FUN!!!

Okay!  Any questions???  Any comments???  Anyone up for trying this???  If so,,, drop me a picture!  I'd love to see what you made.  I can even share it here if you'd like!

Thanks guys!  You are the best!  Shell

Saturday, August 2, 2014

How To Make A NW Chili (Blue Bottles) Chandelier Part 2


OOPS!  Do you know what happens when you push the wrong button on BlogSpot???  It publishes it for you even when you aren't ready.  If you are reading this and it's GOOFY!  It's just me,,,, trying to wake up on a Saturday morning. 

SO???  Did you get all your bottles drilled????  YES???  Wow!  Way to go... what?  NO?  It's okay! You can keep working on them as we go along here.

Now, let's use a simple piece of wire, a metal nut or washer and a heavy duty chain to build this puppy with. 


First we need that chain ....

This is what I used.  Hanging lamp chain on
the left is thin, not as strong.  The chain on
the right is perfect.

I hung mine up to make it easier to add the bottles. 
Notice all the chain wrapped and wrapped and
wrapped around the metal?  This is going to
get very heavy.  I don't want it to fall.

Hand tools, wire and nuts.  Why nuts?  I found
them for free and you'll see soon...

Put one nut or washer on your wire, wrap
the wire around it to hold it on.

After a few tries I liked this better.  The wire
does NOT need to be finished.  This is perfect.  It helps
to balance the bottle a little nicer.  Either way works fine.

Straighten the end of your wire and push it through the
bottle - from the neck to the bottom. 
DO NOT cut the wire YET!

Now wire that to the bottom link of your chain. 
Just like you wired the nut.  I know.  The wire is too long. 
Once you thread it through the chain link ... cut it off. 
You don't want to waste too much wire.  Now wrap.

On the next link ,,, add 2 more bottles. 
We'll keep doing this all the way up the chain.
You are adding 1 bottle to each side of the chain link.
Keep adding bottles as far as you would like to go. 
30 plus bottles is a good length.

It's getting longer!!!  Keep going!
If your chain wasn't long enough ,,,
unwind a couple links.

This is getting good!

At the very top link, when you've had enough,
add 2 bottles to each link.  We want 4 bottles
at the very top.

Let's add the leaves and a top! On the next post when I'm awake and I've got my act together,,, OKAY!  A little bit better!  :)