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Saturday, May 31, 2014

2 More Welded Stacks Made With Car Parts


Here are 2 new welded garden stacks I made for Sorticulture.  Hope you like 'em! 

I think I was crooked this day!  I know this piece
of art is.  BUT!  It's still fun!!!

3 different car parts plus a musical ball on top.

Mirrored, like a gazing ball.

I love the "gazing ball".

New car parts and check out the stand.

That's a C-clamp for a stand!  FUN!  It was
headed for the recycle center.

I'm lovin' these!
These have been fun to make.  Now,,, remember,,, I'm NOT a welder!  I just have fun melting things together as best as I can!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Who Loves Scarecrows???


Hi guys!  Do you like scarecrows???   Some of them are so fun!  The other day I saw a picture of this sweet little one on Pinterest.  It was made of sticks and it had this little kids outfit on it.  Years ago I was asked to make some.  I never did.  BUT!  I did this year. 

I had a few pairs of overalls hanging around
for a project I never did.

A quick weld job on some rebar.

More rebar, just smaller.

Not a good hat for that one! 

Better hat?  Cute little girls jacket.  YEP!  OLD!

The larger piece is made from 1/2" rebar and has a step on the bottom for easier installation and a little more support.  The 2 shorter ones are made with 3/8" rebar and they are just a quick cross.  Those you hammer them into the ground from the top of the rebar.  Easy!  Fun!  AND!  They last year after year.

The best part of these.... if you don't use them,,,, the birds will!  HAHAHA!  How funny is that one.  You buy them to scare off the birds and without some thing on them, the birds will hang out on them.  Birds love rebar.

Oh well!  They were fun, fast and will be very reasonably priced!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Faucet Handles Become a Coat Rack for Father's Day or Sorticulture

Hi guys!

Well, I'm driving myself crazy!  OKAY!  I heard that!  :)

I'm down to a week or so left to build and it's game time.   EEK!

So, the next posts are going to be short.  SORRY!  Thanks for understanding.

Here are a few new handles I found and I couldn't resist making one quick coat rack for a Father's Day gift available at Sorticulture.  

Aren't these fun???

2 old fence boards, a few screws, nuts and bolts and voila!

I found these at the metal recycler.  They were
on some industrial sinks.




These were a fun find.  Some thing a little different,,, yet the same!

thanks!  Shell     

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Car Parts and a Couple Birdhouses

Hi guys!

One of the fun things about Sorticulture is Father's Day is usually right around the corner.  I always try to make a few things more dad related.  Any one might like them, but they really are built more with dad in mind.

Here's a couple birdhouses where I got to use a few car parts I've picked up.  YEP!  Getting rid of more of my fabulous crap!!!  :)    

I think this panel came off a bull dozer or
some other equipment like that.

Some one told me the tags came from the
Monroe Penitentiary (prison).

I found this piece in the alley and the steps at the
metal recycler.  I think they came off an old car.
I'm very happy to be clearing out my garage and yard this year.  It's been a trip trying to let go of some of my favorite pieces.  BUT!  I'll live,,,, ????  RIGHT????   Tee hee hee!!!

See ya soon!   Shell                     

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An Odd Oil Funnel Makes a Great Planter


Here's a quick one...

This funky funnel was found in my alley a while back. 

I mounted it on a piece of wood I was going to throw in a pile for later!


Soon I'll fill it with a trailing plant.  FUN!   FAST!!    EASY!!!

Thanks!   Shell

Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Icicles for Sorticulture


Okay,,, I love preaching recycle ,,, in my art work.  I always say,,, to me it's all about using what has already been used and thrown out.  SO!  Here's what I'm talking about.  The only thing new on these pieces is the J.B. Weld (epoxy) that I used to hold the tops on these pieces. 

Ready???  I LOVE THESE!!!   

Isn't he just the happiest piece of garden art
you've ever seen???

This started with glass bottles Joy and I
collected in our alley.

I cut off their tops.

I slumped them in a kiln.

I stacked them on a piece of smooth bar
I found in the alley.

I added the top.  DONE!  Well, except for
the epoxy to hold the top on.

I tried several different tops ... lamp
finials worked the easiest.

The silver makes them look colder.

Love these!

I found this in the alley. 
It's just right for another piece!

I found this top at the recycle center.



All junk or garbage,,, however you want to look at it.  That's what my art is all about.  The challenge,,, to make some thing fun out of what every one else throws away.

YES!  These will be at Sorticulture.  Only 10 building days left!

See you soon!  Shell


Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Few More Birdhouses

Hi guys
The weather around here has been so crazy.  Wet with a little sun and some heat.  Strange!  Yesterday I was taking some pictures in a flower bed and I noticed I haven't done any weeding there!  OOPS!  So, I pulled a few.  O.M.G.  You can't believe how wet the ground was.  The weeds pulled out very easily and I'm talking the whole stinking root came out.  Some where easily 8 inches long!  WOW!  From here on out I might be out there weeding in the rain!  LOL!

Well, here's a couple quick pictures of some metal birdhouses while I get the other pictures ready for tomorrow!   Please remember, I'm trying to use up all the "junk" I have laying around here.  What better way than stacking up the junk!

3 quick ones.

I love the piece this sits on.

I love funnels and old cans.

That's part of a hanging lamp.

I had an extra dresser drawer laying around.

That's a lamp on the bottom and 1/2 of a
weather vane candle holder on top.

The hole is on the side so you can
see the advertising.

I hope your holiday weekend is going well.  

I wasn't raised in a family where anything military or political was discussed.  As I've grown older I've finally understood exactly how much our military folks give up to keep people like me and my family safe.  I've always known they help give me my freedom, but, it took age and a few nasty bombings and wars to show me how much they give up for myself and others.  THANK YOU.  It seems so small to give back just a simple thanks.  Just know that I appreciate each and every one of you more than those simple words can convey.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Shelley  


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Check Out This Garden Sink - WIP

Hi guys!

Here's a really fun piece that's made up of many junked, scrapped pieces.   

This started with the sink.  It was
smashed, rusted, broken.

Then I found a couple old faucets, in
my yard, that would fit the sink.

Then came the "shower" that is really an old floor lamp.

You can see the shape the sink is in.
NO!  The boots don't come with it!  :)

The finishing piece was the sweet little table I found
just before they smashed it at the metal recycler!


It has that shabby, vintage look to it! 
French chic???
That really is how this piece came about.  I had a couple old faucet handles hanging around when I found that beat up sink.  Then came the wonderful, old floor lamp.  It's so sweet!!!  It's been hanging around outside for a couple years rotting,,, just right!  The rod will stick in the ground in your yard.  I put a piece of copper pipe on the part of the rod that shows above the sink.  I placed a brass escutcheon between the sink and the copper pipe.  That holds the pipe above the sink.  THEN!  I found that gorgeous table.  I'm not kidding when I say they had the tractor out about ready to crush the table.  I yelled, they laughed and I SCORED!!!  It was bent up, but very fixable!  Today Pat, my favorite recycle boy, helped me shape the table top so the sink would fit inside of it!  He's such a great help!  Thanks PAT!

By the time Sorticulture gets here I think I'll fill the sink with flowers.  Some thing dainty that will flow over the edges.  YUM!  Some thing in a peachy, pinky color!

OKAY!  Tomorrow???  See ya then!!!  Thanks for stopping by!  Shell


Friday, May 23, 2014

A Few Found Goodies

I was thinking!  Maybe I should show you a few pieces I've found that will be for sale at Sorticulture.  I always throw a bunch of great junk and found items in my booth at Sorticulture.  I think it makes the booth look both more fun and interesting!  YES, these will be for sale and at a great price. 

Sweet little bench!


LOVE the color of this metal vase.

Very large, lightweight, flower pot!

Vintage oil can!!!!  It might get a plant in it. 
We'll see!
Sorry about the messy yard.  I'm busy!

Just a couple goodies that will be there for a very good price!  I'll try to show you more soon!   Shell