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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pumpkin Gingerbread Loaf - YUM!!!

Hi guys!

How are ya???  How is your weather?  Man, it's been so strange around here.  The past 2 days have been in the 60's around here.  NO!  Serious!  It really has been.  It's pouring by the dump truck load.  I went out today for a while.  I got soaked.  I went out yesterday for a while and was lucky enough to go before and after it rained.  YAY!  It's like a game in Washington state.  Can you get there and back without getting soaked.  What?  Umbrella?  What's that???

So, here I sit thinking ... clean the house!  HAHAHA!  Oh,,, sorry.  That's worse than a 4 letter word around here.  I wish it wasn't ... but ,,, baking sounded like more fun!  SO!  Here's what I made...

Pumpkin Gingerbread ...

just out of the hot pan.

So pretty!

Plump, juicy raisins.


Really!  That's steam coming up.  It has only
been out of the oven 15 minutes.

Time to cream it with butter!!!
Isn't it gorgeous???  This is so good!  It's still really hot,,, so I'll TRY to give it a couple days and see what it really tastes like.  This is one of those recipes where the flavors need time to work together and improve with age.

Would you like the recipe?  I know you would!!!  Just click on this line to get there. 

I followed the recipe except I accidentally put too much chopped candied ginger in.  Oh Oh!  LOL!  I LOVE that stuff.  Around here I eat it like candy.  There isn't a lot of sugar in this recipe.  For me, that's perfect.  It has a nice "thick" molasses flavor.  I LOVE that.

You could frost this.  I love my gingerbread without all the extra sugar.  BUT!  This would be great with a nice buttercream frosting.  Maybe a little lemon or orange peel in that.  YUM!  Give this a try.  You will not be disappointed!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Looking For an Art and Craft Show This Weekend???

Hi guys!

How was your turkey day???  Mine was AMAZING!

Are you looking for an arts and crafts show this weekend???  WELL!  Trust me when I say this is WORTH going to!  This is a must attend show... PLUS!  Amy Duncan is going to be there.  Usually a few of my friends do this show.  I haven't heard who's going to be there this year.  Sorry.  GO see Amy!  She's a hoot!

Shhhh ... I stole this from Amy's blog ... don't tell her!  

This is a fun show.  GO!  LOL! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Flawsome 3 & 4??? Purses Anyone???


How are ya???  I hope you are keeping warm, dry and safe.  WOW!  The weather around the U.S. is unreal.  SNOW!  Crap can you say 6 to 10 feet???  Who gets that much snow?  Not me.  I'm lucky if I get 6" in a day or two ,,, then luckier if it actually sticks around for a couple days.

Well ,,, I've been really lazy,,, again ,,, lately.  I've been watching rugby, hockey and football .... hummmmm.  Heavenly!   LOL!!!

While watching and listening to the games I pulled out a couple canvas bags that I found a week ago.  I started playing with them and I had all these ideas in my head, then ,,, I just couldn't get them to work like I wanted them too.  It sucks when you have a house loaded with goodies and you can't find that one piece you really want.  I mean come on ... I have TONS of stuff to use ,,, just not the right tons.  hahaha!!!  My friends now exactly what I'm whining about.  They've been here.

These are not done yet ,,, but they are getting close ... wanna see?

I love this army bag look.

I took a plain bag and added a few flowers ...

... a little embroidery ...
... that brings you back to the colors of the flowers.

That day I also picked up this bag.

I added a couple flowers ...

... a few words ...
.. and this is what I got.

LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH words to live by!

I still have some work to do on each one.  I'm hoping the second one becomes a bag the owner will use as a traveling bag.  One for memories of their trips.  I'm going to add a chain to it for hanging charms, souvenirs, etc.  I hope they use it to write on.  Well, that's what I had in mind when I made it into this.  We'll see what time brings.

I hope to have these on Etsy by the end of the week. 

FLAWSOME:  A combination of flawed materials and awesome results!

Thanks ,,,, stay dry and warm my friends!  Shell

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Need Something To Do This Saturday??? I Know Where You SHOULD Go!

Hi guys!

Here is a great place to go this weekend:

I mean,,,, look who's going to be there!!!

This AMAZING sale is at Amy Duncan's house.  It will be in her workshop, studio she worked her butt off to build.  It's fun.  She's an amazing artist AND she's got Jody Cain and Tammi Sloan there too.  What more could you ask for.

Jump on Amy's name to get to her website and a few pictures and a ditty telling you what and who will be there!  THANKS!!!!

3221 Hoyt Ave, Everett,  WA  1 block south of the main Everett Post Office.  Parking can be tough.  If you find a spot, grab it and walk in,,, these ladies are worth it!

GO CHECK IT OUT!  It will be well worth your time.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Flawsome 2! Another Vintage Quilt Scarf

Okay!  So, I'm freezin' my butt off over here!  WHAAAAA!  How about you?  I hear the weather back East sux!  Sorry!  It's gorgeous here, but cold.  For us that is.  Around here the weather is perfect (for fall that is) when it's 30 degrees and sun shining.  Ohhhh!  It's so nice.  I'm just not used to it yet.  Well!  I'm thinking this is the right weather for these scarfs.  SO!  Tonight they are going on Etsy.  Wish me luck.  With 4 or so hours into each one ,,, I'm going to need it!

Wanna see the next one?  OK!  Here it comes! 

Shorter lace on the bottom.

Here a stitch, there a stitch ,,,

Some more grandma ties.

More mending and ties.

I love this old quilt.

I love the round, circle stains.  They fit in
perfect with the mending.

Every single stitch I added is hand done. 

I love this type of mending.


Okay!  2 down, 2 to go.  Although I'm thinking I might just keep going with a couple funky cloth purses too.  Why not right?  :)

Have a good one!  Shell

Sunday, November 16, 2014

FLAWSOME! Check These Out!!!

Hi guys!

How's tricks???  Around here ,,, not bad!  Honest!  LOL!

OKAY!  So a while back I creamed my back ,,, AGAIN!  This is getting old.  OH!  Wait!  I'm getting old.  hahaha!  When you are as out of shape as I am and you continue to pick up things that weigh over 100 pounds ,,, well, the back doesn't think it's funny.

SO!  I've been thinking and telling you about wanting to do some thing different.  Like ,,, using fabric.  Recycling old clothes.  I was going to wait and start a small line of clothing in February or March.  BUT!  It's cold outside.  Here I was ... laying around with this stinking back wondering what I could do.  I took out the embroidery thread and started stitching on some daisy dukes... shorty shorts!  I got bored quickly.  I mean ,,, how many daisies can a girl embroider?  This girl ... 2!  LOL!  Quit laughing.  I know, I know!  It's just me.  SO!  I found a section of an old cutter quilt and it looked like a bunch of scarfs to me.  SO!  Here's what 1 out of 4 of them look like!   

First Scarf

Old lace around the bottom.

Crusty and lovely ,,, just the way I LOVE my garden art!

Tied just like grandma used to do.

My idea of mending.

Flower with French Knots.

Well?  What do you think???

More mending.
I love the old lace.

The back of the flower.

The edges.

Rough?  Fragile?


The other side.

The back of the mending.

I had a ball trying to figure out just how far to go.  How much stitching does this really need.  Well, I did what I thought was needed and then,,,, wait for it... I threw these in the washing machine!  Terri!  Stop.... it's okay!  I can just hear her scream:  "You did WHAT?"... lol...  I used a lingerie bag.  I threw 4 of these in the bag.  They smelled like old, musty fabric... ICK!!!  I threw the bag in with a load of towels.  I used Tide in the wash and white vinegar in the bleach cycle.  THEY SMELL GREAT NOW!!!  And,,, they ,,, well,,, they didn't like it much.  BUT!  I expected that.  So, I did some more stitching.  Now ,,, I'm very happy with the way they turned out.  Although I have 4 hours into this!  YEP!  FOUR!!!!  That's 2 too many.  Oh well.  Look out Etsy, here they come!

Another one tomorrow! 

Let me know what you think!  please... FLAWSOME:  A combination of flawed materials and awesome results!

I hope!  Take care!  Shell

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Alley Find!

Hi guys!

Sorry ,,, it's been a while!

Here's a little goodie I found that I thought you would like to see!!!!

Excellent color!!!

Planter?  Birdhouse?


Love the rust!

Too sweet!

Yes,,, it will be at Sorticulture in June!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Look What I Found In My Yard EEK!

Hi guys!

I have FRIENDS!  Yep, Check out these little beauty's who were very mad at me for moving them around while I took pictures.

Imagine my surprise when I turned this
 lamp shade over and found these guys!

This was taken mid July, 2014.

They were really busy and didn't even notice I was around.

UNTIL ....

I decided I needed pictures of the other side.

I started moving the shade around, getting
closer with my camera lens.

Look at this piece of gorgeous Mother Nature Made beauty.

He's gorgeous.  Of course I wanted to get close up pictures.  OOPS!  Of course they didn't like it.

Let's just say,,, I REALLY pissed them off.  YES!  I quit and ran with my tail between my legs!!!

Sorry about all the watermarks all over the pictures.  I've learned the hard way I HAVE to put them on.  There's a blog out there with a picture of my blue bottle ladder in my yard and a guy who stated he made it.  Yep!  Straight off my blog.  SO!  Watermarks!

See ya soon!