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Friday, August 30, 2013

From Beer Cans to Earrings

Hi guys!

How are ya???  Around here, well, it's all just peachy!  Fuzzy!  LOL!

You see this morning Joy and I went for a walk and we found beer cans.  YEP!  Same as most days,,, but, this time I noticed (after smashing nearly all of them) a few cans that had a nice Seattle Seahawk football team logo on them.  SO!  We kept a couple out of the smashed pile and RAN for home.  I was so excited.

I've watched, over the past year, all these cans from sodas, energy drinks, beer, etc. getting smashed and thinking some of them have gorgeous colors and art work on them.  I've tried cutting them up before but when you really look at the pieces ,,, they are still just a piece of a beer can.  EEK!

NOT this time.  I cut out the logos and took another chance. 

This is what they looked like after I got them home.

Not bad!

Kind of fun!

Love the hearts!

One more pair.

OKAY!  So they aren't top dollar earrings.  BUT!  They are a one of a kind, fun to wear pair for Seahawk Sunday!!!  Around here that's a big deal. 

Once I cut these out and finished them I went to make a couple more pairs and I realized most of the cans had been smashed together in a bag so many of the cans were scratched.  If you look hard you can see a tiny mark here and there on the tin.  That's because the cans are painted.  I wish I would have tried spraying them with a clear paint or brushed on some resin or clear nail polish before I even cut out the tin.  I'm going to try that on the next batch .... if I can find any more.

Because these are only aluminum and painted on they are very light weight and can easily be scratched and bent out of shape.  After I finished these I gave them a light spray of clear acrylic paint.  It should help, but it won't keep them looking this new if you are tough on earrings.  

We'll see how they sell and work soon enough.... this is where my fuzzy day came into play ,,,, OOPS!  I finished these up, made a giant pile of pumpkin oatmeal cookies (with raisins and chocolate chips), then started getting scrap metal and cans ready to take to the recycle center.  After I did all that I'd drop the earrings and some cookies off at We Do Art then go to watch the Seahawks at the White Buffalo and have some pizza.  OOPS!  I double checked game time ,,, wait!  I couldn't find the time.   WHY????  It was on last night.  EEK!  We had this monster rain storm come through and I forgot all about the game.  What can I say?  I was feeling just peachy!

These will go to We Do Art Saturday. YEP!  Beth will still get some cookies.  I'll drop off the metal tomorrow and the guys will get the rest of the cookies.  YAY!  What?  Did I eat some?  (I just crossed my fingers!)  Only a couple!   :)

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Amazing Vintage Find!


O. M. G. 

Would you look at this find!!!   Please?

What???  Do you know what this is???

It fit so nicely in the back of my truck!

It looks so much better put together!

Check out these bed springs????

Details ,,, it's all in the details!

Isn't it gorgeous???

So!  If you've read this blog at all ... can you guess where I found this???

YEP!  At the recycle center about to be squished, smashed, shredded, melted and made into ????

Can you believe some one threw this in a dump and was paid ,,, ready .... $5.40.  They got 6 cents a pound for this.  I know exactly how much they got because I had to weigh it so I could pay them 20 cent a pound to bring it home.  HA!  Was there ever a doubt.  I mean I couldn't pass this up!!!  It weighed in at 90 pounds even.

So, next year this will be at Sorticulture ,,, for the garden or a porch???  I'm not sure yet.  Now I have 2 cribs like this ,,, one pink and one blue ,,, matching porch seats???  I'm thinkin' ,,, YEP!  Maybe???  I think I reserve the right to change my mind 50 times before next June ... tee hee hee!

What did I find next???  Just wait!!!  SOON!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Monday, August 26, 2013

Room Divider or Display??? Check Out This Find!

Hi guys!

Can you believe this??? 

I found this at the metal recycler just waiting to be squished, shredded and melted!


Fancy, rusted, peeling, etc!

I would like to fuse and slump transparent glass into
bowl shapes to go into each of these "bowls". 
I could use these for jewelry!


Isn't she sweet??? Cost?
20 cents per pound. She weighs 19 pounds!

I do love a great find!  AND!  This is one of those!!!   Finds like these are why I go to the recycle centers.  Some one didn't want this because it has a problem with the "feet" on the bottom of each section.  2 or 3 have broken off from rust.  WELL!  I'll just cut the others to match and it won't have a problem any more.
This will be at Fa-la-la in December ...  at least I hope so.  I still haven't seen a call for artists yet. 
One thing you have to think about when going to a metal recycler as an artist is:  What do I use at home that I could find here???
On one of my last trips I found several different sizes of nails.  I was on my way to a local hardware store right after I stopped here, so I had 2 nails with me to remind me of the exact size I needed.  A month before I purchased 2 pounds of these nails and the cost was $3.86 per pound.  This day I found one of these nails at the exact same size.  The other nail was 1/8th inch longer than the one I was going to buy.  I bought both here any way.  I spent 20 cents per pound!!!  Yep!  I bought all I could pick up.  I bought 18 pounds of nails for the same price I paid for one pound at the hardware store.
When you go to a recycle center ,,, think hard!  There are so many things I use in making art that's metal I some times get tunnel vision.  Thinking the only place to get those parts are at regular hardware stores.  Any time I can score some thing like this I'm in heaven!  I saved myself a ton of money.  YAY!  If I can, you can!
Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Look What I Found!

YAY!  oops!  HI!!!

Check out this find!!!

It's football time!


NO!  It doesn't work.  BUT!  I know a guy... hahaha!  Don't you love it when people say that? ,,, I know a guy!  I do.  Now I just have to find him and see how much it will cost to get this puppy working.

You see ,,, I do love building things like potting benches.  (click here to see one I built last year)  AND!  I'm thinking this would be an amazing top to a potting bench turned tail gate brunch server.  HUM????  What do you think?

Picture this ...  a small buffet made from scrap wood with a small tail gate across the back of the table top.  It would be like a giant magnet to hold "stuff" .... like a bottle opener.  Then under the table top will be a shelf that will hold some thing like an old kids wagon (without the wheels) that would hold your ice and beer, soda, water, etc.  Then above the tail gate would be a shelf that would hold this wonderful neon bud sign.  You could turn it on, dim it or leave it off.  What a great party center piece this would make.

WELL!  Time will tell.  First things first.  Cost for fixing the neon and finding a small tail gate?  EEK!  We'll see.  Once I get it started I'll show it to you as I go!

Hope you have a great weekend.  I'm watching the Broncos/Rams game right now.  We are crashing all day here.  During our last trip to the beach Joy hurt one of her front paws.  Not good.  She can't walk on it and won't.  She won't even leave the couch.  I'm bringing the water to her.  Poor baby.  She had a ball, but, she paid the price.  DARN IT!!!

Wait until you see what else I found Friday,,, soon!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Check Out This Great Find!

Hi guys!

First!  Let me apologize for whining on the last post!  SORRY!

Joy was kenneled up for 2 1/2 days while I went to the show.  SO!  It's her turn.  We hit the beach.  She's a hunter.  She loves to run the beach and chase the bunnies, rats and squirrels she finds in the brush around the park.  It's fun to watch.

On our way home we drove by a pile of free cedar 2 X 4's.  Just what the doctor ordered.  These are perfect to use while building a garden bench.  YAY!!!  So, I grabbed them all and we took off for home.

Lots of boards!

Joy hates the camera.  Look at her! 
She's covered in stinky mud.

Joy got rinsed off.  She hated that more than having her picture taken.  Silly dog.  The bay mud smells so bad!  EEK!  But, she'll wait a little while before she gets a big bath.  She's getting to run on the beach each day this week.  She earned it.

I already know what I'm making with the boards.  I was going to show you another great find ,, but, I forgot my camera some place.  If I told you where ,,, you might ,,, well, maybe ,,, figure out what I want to make!  :)   SOON!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fresh Paint 2013

Hi guys!

WELL!  It was a LONG weekend.  The weather was gorgeous!  Thank you!

The view was gorgeous!

the view ...

The customers, buyers,,, ???  I think they all went to Canada for the weekend!!!


After the first day.

My junk, Beth's (from We Do Art) succulents and flowers.

A few wind chimes.

Sorry I didn't get more pictures.  I got a late start getting there Saturday morning and couldn't catch up until late afternoon.  By then I was very disappointed.   There was no one around.  I had several artists stop by and complain over and over.  Darn the luck.  Every single complaint they had was stuff I had seen or gone through myself.  It's sad some times when the show just doesn't fit it's billing.  Know what I mean?  The show has been around for many, many years.  New management running it.  WAIT!  Young management running it with no help from above.  SAD!

OKAY!  Enough about the show.  SORRY!  It was a sad weekend.  I did okay in sales, but, money isn't all there is to going to a show.

NEXT?  New stuff for We Do Art.  Some day soon.  I'll show you as I make it!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Friday, August 16, 2013

Whale Sighting at Fresh Paint

OKAY!  It's show time! 

By the time you ready this I'll probably be set up and ready to go... hahahaha!!!  For those who know me.  I'm always setting up.  I get it ready and then a few things sell and it's time to start moving things around.  OCD???  Maybe!  BUT!  I need things to show, to be seen.  Other wise it doesn't sell. 

Here's one more fun piece to show you.... yep!  Another whale.  Check out his tail!

Rusted roofing with a copper air conditioner
part for a spout.


There was a nail hole in his tail,,,
now it's a heart hole.  :)

Sweet eyes, a nice smile and a sparkly spout
and he'll show off your garden for you!

I love stuff like this.  It's a little different.  It's some thing you find around here all the time,,, I mean the real whales.  Oh the story I could tell you about me, a power boat and a full pod of killer whales.  It was one of the best days of my life.  Maybe another day ,,, if you ask nicely.  tee hee hee!

OK!  I hope to see you at Fresh Paint.  I'll be on the south side of Lombardi's Restaurant in the grass, space #100.

Then don't forget about the spirit tasting at We Do Art and the White Buffalo Saloon during art walk from 4 pm to 7 pm.  I saw some of the goodies they are handing out.  LIKE!  Crystal Skull Vodka  (click to see their website) shot glasses.  They are so wonderful!  Get down there and check it out.  The full bottle of vodka is gorgeous!!!  Yep, it's shaped like a skull.  SERIOUS!

Time to get.  I have shrinky dinks to play with.  OMG!  That sounds almost as bad as what I was going to say.  HUH?  What was that,,,???  I was going to say I had dinks to shrink.  What can I say.  My mind just works that way.  It comes from working outside as a power lineman and telephone splicer.  Gutter???? 

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by,,, pictures to follow this weekend!  Shell

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ford Garden Bench For Fresh Paint

Hi guys!

Another quickie!

This is a fun garden bench made from an old Ford truck tail gate.  It's a little smaller than the others I've made.  FUN!!!

Love this!

Side view.

One side says TRUCK...

the other says FORD.

I do love making things like this!!!  If I'm lucky tomorrow I'll go get a small grill off the front of a Mercury Cougar.  Tuesday night I found a metal scooter in the alley.  I want to mount the grill on the scooter.  The scooter I'd like to spray paint pink.... maybe some blingy thingys some place???  HUM!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

The Bed - Head Board and Foot Board From Ford Truck Parts

Hi guys!
How are things???  Around here ,,, they are finally moving!  I got a lot done today... HONEST!  :)
Some times I get this "road" block ... some of us call them brain farts.  WELL!  For me this show is it.  Garden art is fun and for some reason it comes easy for me.  That doesn't mean it's great art.  I just mean I can think of things to go in a garden and then make my version of that.
BUT!  This show is just an open, do what you do, art show.  EEK!  I "do" garden art.  Garden stuff doesn't sell at this show.  OOPS!  So???  Yep!  Why am I in it???  EASY!  It's TOUGH!  It's a challenge to the max!  I have to get away from my comfort zone and work ,,, HARD!!!
Some days, like today, I get it going and what helps?  Easy!  Music!  Usually it's hard rock, head bangin', LOUD music!!!  BUT!  Not today.  Lately I've fallen in love with a voice that's new to me.... Randy Houser!  Country!  YEP!  As a kid I grew up with Pete Fountain (Dixie Land Jazz), Mario Lanza (tenor???), Chicago and Credence Clearwater Revival (pop) and Led Zeplin (rock - thanks mom!).   We listened to a lot of Johnny Cash, Willie & Waylon and Charlie Pride (oh Charlie, I drank many a beer in high school singing about going to Arizona???).  I'd forgotten how fun country can be.  SO!  I don't know if you've heard of Randy or not,,, but!  I've been really down on all music for some time.  They just seem to crank out lame, studio stuff with little to no meaning and NO real "spark" behind their voices.  Like their bored.  NOT Randy!  What a voice!  He's got a lot of spirit behind that voice.  I love this guy!  Check him out!  He's AWESOME!!!! 
So!  I finally, nearly, finished the headboard and I have Randy to thank for his vocal support in making this happen.  tee hee hee!  You gotta hear him!  Trust me!  If you love country, you know what I mean!!!
Remember the foot board???

Here's the almost finished head board.  Sorry!  It was
 too heavy for me to move by myself to get a better pic!

I LOVE the mirrors. YEP! They move!
I left the wiring in place, in the lights, in case the buyer wants to use them.  An electrician can do that very easily.  I don't have a low voltage license, so I couldn't do it.

See the empty space on the board above the lights?
I have a few "goodies" for those places!

Pickets from an old fence "frame" the word FORD.

I think this bed set would be amazing in a young boys bedroom, a Nascar fan, a dude ranch, working ranch or any bed room!  I think it's fun and completely one of a kind!!!  HA!  I would have loved this as a kid - even if I am a girl!  :)

If you were to find the truck that had all these parts, you might go out in the countryside and find it falling apart in some farmers field or behind a barn.  That's what the boards are supposed to represent.  Some old barn boards cut to make a picket frame.  The metal is from an old roof.  The tail gate, grill, reflectors and mirrors all came from different trucks.  All the wood came from several different fences that were torn down and tossed out!  SCHWEET!!!

This was a first for me.  I hope ,,, I'm "pretty" sure this will fit a full size bed.  At least the dimensions fit one of mine.  SO!  If it doesn't sell, I'll be redecorating a bedroom!  YEE  HAW!!!

This will be at Fresh Paint this coming weekend.  The show is from 10 am to 5 pm both Saturday and Sunday.  I hope to see you there!  I'll be very close to the main road on the south side of Lombardi's Restaurant.  I have a great view of the bay and the boats docked there.

Thanks again Randy!  Keep up the GREAT work!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Bird Houses for Fresh Paint


How's it going???  All is well around here ... so far!   EEK!  Only 3 more building days until Fresh Paint and I think I just got started.  OOPS!  This is a tough show for me.  While it could be a great show, it isn't run as well as many other shows around here.  SO!  I have this "problem" of getting it in gear for it.

SO!  Here's a couple quick and fun bird houses for this weekend!

I love using things like this beer tap
for perches on bird houses.

I LOVE this license plate!

A quick one with an old coat hanger and a little rust!

Check out the SKI on the license plate.  YAY! 
A couple bottle caps and an old tooth brush holder.

B is for Bird!

Did you notice the wood under the license plates for the roofs?  If you were to put just the license plate on, it would draw too much heat and the birds don't like that.  The wood is a barrier to keep the heat out. 

Happy birds make great neighbors!   :)

I did get the head board done today.  I hope to get better pictures for you for tomorrow's post!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  shell

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wooden Wire Spool

Hi guys!

I have to laugh.   I brought home a small wood wire spool from my trip to Darrington a week ago and a few days later ,,, PINTEREST!  YEP!  Some one put a picture of a project JUST like this.  OKAY!  I copied it!  I couldn't help it.  A few months ago I found 3 great casters at the recycle center and brought them home.  3 fit under this small spool perfectly.

Great spool!

3 great casters.

Some screws and washers put this together.

I left the paper on the middle.  I just
couldn't remove it.  It's awesome!

This is a hoot!  It'll be at Fresh Paint!!!

I just couldn't help making this.  I had all the parts right there.  It took me less than 15 minutes.  Give this a try.  Ask at an electrical warehouse if they have any left over wood spools.  Most of the small ones this size get thrown away.  The large ones like telephone and power use are extremely heavy, some 400 plus pounds.  These are hefty, but very manageable!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Saturday, August 10, 2013

SCORE! Love My Recycle Center!!!

Hi guys!

I know ,,, you're wondering why is she showing us this crap when she's supposed to showing us what she's building for Fresh Paint???    WELL!  I got my butt kicked today by the head board I'm supposed to be finishing.  I finally figured out how to make it,,, got it all put together and some how I was 1/2" off one place and a sheet of metal roofing was way off.  Not good!  I don't know.  Some days shit just happens!  DARN IT!  Maybe tomorrow!!!

WELL!  During the past 5 weeks Joy and I have taken mostly aluminum and some scrap steel to the recycle center every single week.  We used to do it every 2 to 3 weeks.  AND!  So far we've made over $180!!!  NO KIDDING!  I'm telling ya!  It's tax free money!  Just bend over and pick it up.  OK!  It's no where near that easy.  It's stinky, sticky, messy and draws too many bugs!  YUCK!  That's why we're taking it in each week.  We have had one of the best summers I can remember.  It's been dry, sunny, hot and gorgeous during the days and cool at night.  Thank you!  So, people are drinking more canned drinks than normal and the amount of aluminum foil from BBQ's has picked up 10 fold.  Thanks neighbors.  You are the best!!!

SO!  This is what I brought home the other day from the recycle center.  They love it when I spend their money with them.  :)

Augers.  Giant drill bits.  Sorticulture here they come!

I picked this up for another welder.  HEY! 
It might be a flying pig when he's done with it!

A wire reel.  This is another goody for
Sorticulture - it's only 10 months away!  LOL!

A fun shower head - yep!  For Sorticulture.
BUT!  Look at all that chain and a few funky keys!

One of the guys pulled this off a car for me and kept
 it for me.  Isn't it SCHWEET!  So is he! 
Can you say chair back???  I can!

I always have fun when I hit the recycle center and some times I get lucky!  This was one of those lucky days.  I also brought home an older girls bike in decent shape.  I have 2 great baskets that will go on it.  I'll paint the bike pale pink and fill the baskets with flowers.  YUM!  I might get it ready for Fresh Paint.  We'll see!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell