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Friday, May 31, 2013

More Copper For the Garden

Oh yes!  I know!  Copper, copper, copper!!!


Copper is one of those metals that has so much "show" just by it's patina.  It doesn't have to look like any thing special if it's all green and blue.  Know what I mean???

So this little piece is just for that color.  BUT!  It's got a nice sweet curve to it too.


Coil!!!  Don't you love that curly Q???

  The color is wonderful.

The spiral is wonderful.

Set this inside your flower bed and it will
 just get better and better with age.

This is a piece that can support tall flowers.  It can stand alone just for it's architecture and/or patina.  It's just a yummy piece.

I have one more and it's smaller.  I'm thinking of soldering copper to each end and have it go sideways in the garden.  HUMMMM????  Yep!  That's it.  Soon!

Tonight I spent the whole evening and late afternoon working on my plasma cutter.  My air dryer didn't work the way it was supposed too and it let water into the cutter.  OOPS!  NOT a good thing.  SO!  It took 2 hours to get a new dryer (at $99.50 plus tax), a new air hose, 3 sets of quick connects, 2 new tips and a special valve for the air compressor.  HUM!  At about $175.00!  OUCH! 

SO!  I spent the rest of the evening cutting out more funky signs out of that metal roofing.  HEY!  A girl's got to pay for her equipment.  Please!

Hopefully it will be another nice day tomorrow and I'll get some more done.  I did hit the recycle center and picked up the cutest little step stool and 2 more copper air conditioner pieces.  The crystals for those are on their way from Shipwreck Beads and should be here by Monday.  All is well then!  I HOPE!!!  LOL!

Have a great weekend!  Only 5 more building days left until Sorticulture!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Sink With or Without the Shower?

Hi guys!

Just a few quick pictures.  I made 2 different pieces today.  Now I'm thinking they need to go together?  What do you think???

About a year ago I picked up this short shower
and soap dish at the recycle center.

It has this funky look that works
very well in your flower bed.

Look at that little beauty!

I've been watching that piece for a full year waiting for it to talk to me.  To tell me it wanted to be more than just a shower head in the garden. 

BUT!  It never did.  So today I added a piece of scrap pipe I found at the recycle center yesterday, then I set it onto a piece of rebar that I stuck in the ground.  It looked good!  FUN!

I found this sink (without the faucets) in the
alley early winter.  I watched it for a couple
months before I finally brought it home.

Yesterday I found these faucet handles at the recycle
center.  I knew where they needed to be!

I had 2 old window boxes made from lumber that
was milled from old telephone poles.  I tore them
apart to make this goofy, lopsided base. 

Filled it with yellow petunias and threw the
whole thing in the garden.

I played with this for a little while and realized this might just be the perfect place for the shower!!!

I think it is.  Although I'm going to let the buyers decide.  They can buy either piece or both pieces.  Their choice!!!

I added the shower piece to the middle
hole in the sink.  PERFECT!!!

I love pieces like this.  They just seem happy.  That's what my neighbor said about my garden ,,, it seems happy!  SCHWEET!!!

I got quite a bit done today ,,, but I'm still a long way away from ready!   SOON!!!

Which way do you like the sink best???

With or without the shower???  Let me know!  It really helps!  THANKS!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Garden Signs Made From Old Metal Roofing

Hi guys!

I picked up a nice load of old metal sheets a few years ago from my dads place.  He lives in the middle of the mountains about 1 1/2 hours from my house.  He's that mountain man you hear about or read about in books.  WELL!  Almost.  He's definitely a mountain man ,,, just not that nasty, not washed guy.  He lives where your water comes from the nearest creek.  Your power comes from a generator if you find a need for power.  You use a lot of batteries to keep your radio going so you can listen to the Mariners or Seahawks.  You wash your clothes with an old wringer washing machine and hang them to dry.  SERIOUS.

It takes a generator to make this happen.  I'm guessing
this was probably December.  There isn't much
snow on the ground yet.  The plastic hanging from
a branch is to keep the wind from blowing
him back into the house!  ♥

Well, one year the snow came down so wet, hard and deep it knocked down his cover for his wood.  I got some of the old metal sheets.  YAY!!!

These pale green sheets were covering some of the wood piles close to the shed and the new metal sheet you see was given to me a couple weeks ago.  HUM!  Which do you like best???

I love my plasma cutter.

I sloppily drew on the words ,,,

cut out the letters quickly ,,,

then cut out the edges in a goofy, loopy way.
Can you see the D in 8 seconds? It's an !!!!!.
That's for my bull riders at the PBR and locally.

This is the new metal.  It's much heavier than the old. 
That made it harder to go quickly when I was cutting.

I'm not one of those who goes to school or takes classes to learn how to do things.  WHY?  I don't know.  I find I retain more when I learn the hard way.  One big thing I "re" learned was ,,, don't do this when the wind is blowing hard.  I have a nice big vice that holds things for me while I cut.  BUT!  The new metal was so heavy it moved too much.  Lesson learned!  It's a nasty, sloppy job ,,, but not terrible.  YEP!  It's for sale too ,,, just much cheaper than the rest of them.  I hope to make more today ,,, if it ever stops raining!

Last night Joy and I got lucky while we were picking up cans.  We found a water heater some one threw out.  We finished picking up 2 full large garbage bags of cans and drove back for the water tank.  Today, when the rain stops, I'll drive all that plus more scrap into the recycle center and see what other treasures await!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I GOT IT!!! Now What To Do With It???

Okay!  So I hit the recycle center this morning just before it opened.  Yeah!  Me and 3 other guys.  I couldn't believe it.  There was a line up to get in.  WOW!  SCHWEET!

I had to talk one of the guys into giving up this part.  He wanted it too.  SO!  I won!  You see ,,, I brought scones!!!  YEP!  Blueberry scones with honey cinnamon frosting (click here to see how).  And they were still warm, right out of the oven!!!

Here's what I bought!!!

This is a 1955 Mercedes Benz.  Some one already
beat me to the door handles or I would
have brought all the doors home! 

Now you see it!

Now you don't!!!  tee hee hee!!!

I brought this home with me. 
Cost?  $3.00!!!

I went in there today ready.  I brought an electric grinding tool with a cutting blade on it.  This took me less than 5 minutes to cut off.  After a little grinding it will be smooth and ready to build into a planter.

Then I came home.  I was so excited thinking I was going to make a garden planter out of it.  OOPS!  I looked it up on eBay first.  There's one on there right now in a little bit better shape and it's listed at ... ready???  HOLY CRAP!  $499.

NO KIDDING!  Can I make a planter out of this now??? NOPE!!!

How bad would it be to make this into an outrageous planter and sell it for $100 and have the guy go home, tear it apart and sell it for $300 plus!  EEK!  Never mind this one.

SO!  I played with the other piece I picked up at the recycle center!


I love this piece.  The crystals are high quality
and will sparkle all year long!

This came out of an air conditioner.

The middle looks like the inside of a flower.

This so wanted to be a water feature.  BUT!  I
don't have power to run it at Sorticulture!

As you can see I had fun today!  Wait until you see what I'm making tomorrow!  More fun! 

Only 8 more days left to build for Sorticulture (click here for vendor map) and then ,,, it's here!  EEK!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Monday, May 27, 2013

This Rooster Won't Wake You Up!

Hi guys!

Just a few quick pictures of another piece of garden art I made for Sorticulture!  CRAP!  I only have 9 more days left to build for this show!  I better get it in gear. 

This was left over from the weather vane
 I tore apart a while back.

He's protecting my yard.

He comes mounted on top of this funky old can. 
Notice the ceramic insulator on top? 

A little bit of wrinkly copper pipe! 

There's moss growing on the side of the can.

He's checking out the back yard now.

I had fun putting this guy together.  I love stuff like this.

Tomorrow I'm headed to the metal recycler for a Mercedes Benz grill off the front of an early 1950's sweetheart!!!    I tried today but it's so rusted on there I couldn't get it off!  DARN!  Think planter for your garden.  Wish me luck!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Not Your Average Bird Feeders!

I love these!  This is an idea I had just a couple weeks ago while I was waiting for a quick surgery. 

NO!  Honest!  I was laying on the operating table and I thought ... OMG!  I need an old metal bread box.  One thing they told me before going in was that I might not be able to remember most of what was happening even though I would be awake.  SO!  I asked one of the nurses if she would write some thing down for me.  She asked and I said "bread box".  She looked at me funny, wrote it down and then asked why.  I explained the following pictures are what I wanted to make. 

Bird feeders!



My idea was to use an old metal bread box, cut out letters (words), make a cage for the inside of the box, fill it with bread, then hang it. 

SO!  I did!  Well, kind of.  You see finding and affording bread boxes are 2 different things.  SO!  I used some tins I just happen to have hanging around.  I started with this wonderful old cake tin.

First I took the plasma cutter and cut out the words FEED ME!

I found this smashed fan guard at the recycle center.
Doesn't it look like a nest???

I made a "cage" out of chicken wire smaller than the
inside of the tin, then filled it with raisin
bread where the cutout letters are.

Here's a much smaller tin with handles!
Too Cute!
I cut out BIRD, one letter on each side.

I added the bread.

I added the cage.  Sorry it's fuzzy!

Then I put the lid on it and did some thing else for a minute.  When I came back there were pieces all over and Joy was looking at me like "WHAT???  Macs did it!".

Joy got the bread out of the closed can.   Smart pup!

After I filled the can up again I hung it up for the birds.  OH!  I do like these!!!

Another smashed fan guard.  I think they look
like nests.  Don't you???
They hang pretty good!
The nests are for the birds to land on.

Father's Day is the weekend after Sorticulture
This is for the golfer, male or female.

Golf tee for a perch.

Brighton any one?

The last 2 feeders hang from a chain.  They might not make it to the show.  They worked great until I messed around with the chicken wire inside.  Then the lids got a little sloppy.  Hope I can fix them better than they finished.  They sure are cute!!!

I made these so you can take them inside your house and clean them out.  The chicken wire is there to keep the bread close to the holes so the birds can eat it without having to put their heads inside the cans.

Hope you liked these little guys.  I sure do!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

Saturday, May 25, 2013

FUN! Another Weather Vane!

Oh I love odd things!

I found this metal can about a year ago at the recycle center by me.  It's sooooo good!  It had 1 small hole on each end and this wonderful copper wire wrapped around several places on it.  Most of the wire was loose, while some was missing.  I didn't mind.

The other day at the recycle center I found this amazing large, round copper ball with a nut soldered onto the bottom of it.   EASY!!!  The hardest part of my art work is trying to connect parts together. 

Well, I went home and played with the ball and can for short bits of time during the past couple days.  I finally just gave up and put together what I had and called it good enough!


You gotta love that can!!!
It took a long time to solder those wires back
in place, but it was so worth it!!!

A copper ball, a stick of copper, weather vane
 hands, a lamp part, a truck part and it
really shows up in the garden!

Close up of the top.
Love the copper patina.


Definitely   ,,,,   one of a kind!!!

I've got another odd piece for tomorrow's blog!  See ya then!!!