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Sunday, April 28, 2013

WIP - Work In Progress Part 2

Hi guys!

You know the joke about Washington state right???  About how it rains here at least 9 months out of the year.  WELL!  Here's another joke!  READY?

We are having a moss shortage in this state! 


I do believe if this isn't a record setting rainfall year ,,, it's damn close!

YET!  I went to a local garden supplier who is BIG around here.  They are fantastic!  I go to get a bail of moss for my truck seat and I kid you not when they say ,,, I'm sorry, there isn't any.  I must have looked at him odd.  He said "Sorry.  We don't have any due to a moss shortage this year."  I thought he was kidding me.  I mean come on!  I said "You are kidding?  Right?"  The lady behind the counter didn't think I was very funny.  She let me know in a very short, nasty tone that "NO!  And we won't have any until November.  At least November."

WELL!  EXCUSE ME!!!  I'd tell you who got snotty with me!  BUT!  They don't normally act like that.

SO!  I went to pick up Joy who was at my sisters and she hit her woods before I got there and she pulled some moss for me.


SO!  Today Miss Joy and I went outside and shoved (and I do mean SHOVED) moss into springs and holes until I looked to grab the next big hunk and nearly screamed.  O.M.G.!  There it was ,,,, ???  EEK!  It was 1/2 a tail, a pink butt and 2 nearly see through legs.  ICKY!  It was a salamander or newt.  Not sure which!  Although, honestly, the creepy factor was the same!  I hate slimy, crawly things.  We gave him a new home and he should be very happy.  He wasn't looking too healthy.  Hopefully, he'll buck up.

Do you remember what the seat looked like before???  If not - CLICK HERE!

SO!  Here's a little peak at what the seat looks like so far.

I welded the seat so it can't fold down any more.
I added 2X4's under the metal where the seat
was bolted to the truck floor.

Sweat peas in the back so they can climb the springs.
Nasturtiums in the front so they can hang down.
Can you see the moss between springs?

I was thinking of welding the truck light to the top.
I don't like it.

By adding the flowers now, I hope by June 8th
they will fill in and be OUTRAGEOUS!!!

In this piece I want you to see the whole seat.  By that I mean the springs, the back, the sides, etc.  I want you to know it's a seat that nature took over!

I started the seeds inside my house back at the end of February.  They've been outside for the past couple weeks waiting for me to get it in gear.  Now they need a chance to relax in their new home.  They need a chance to grow into the seat and take it over.

Sorry I didn't take better pics of the moss.  You can see it in a couple places between springs in the pictures.

What I hope is by Sorticulture this will be very full with peas growing up the back and flowers falling all over the front and sides of the seat.

There's a box in the middle of the seat so the buyer can replant this every year.

I think it needs a license plate sign that says:   

1951 FORD

I'll show you pictures of how it's doing as we get closer to Sorticulture!

A 3 wheel, adult sized, bike is next.  It wants to be a flower cart!  Unless I can figure out how to fix a very old blue baby buggy frame that wants to be planted with the left over moss!!!

Let me know what you think!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by.  Shell 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Raspberry Scones with Honey Cinnamon Frosting Recipe


Oh!  Sorry!  HI!!!

I'm hungry!  This morning I knew I was having company and we were going to work on a project in the back yard.  It's always fun to have some thing to munch on while company is over.  SO!  One of the easiest things I know how to make are scones.  PLUS!  They taste great.

Some people are afraid to try making these.  I'll show you how.  It's VERY, VERY easy!!!


FIRST!  Cheat and buy the good stuff already
in a box and follow the directions.

Just add the water it calls for on the box and
add frozen raspberries. 

***  This box of scone mix is plain.  I love raspberries in my scones.  So, I added about 1 cup of frozen berries to the mix.  You can add most any fruit you'd like.  Blueberries are great too.

Mix slowly and only until the ingredients are together.

***  The secret to a great scone is to BARELY mix the dough.  Handle it gently and very little.

Your dough will be sticky.
That's good!

***  After you mix what's in your bowl, pour the sticky mess onto a floured board.  Then dust the top of the mess with more flour.  Knead the flour into the mess 5 or 6 times.  STILL, very little and gently.  This is not like you would knead the dough while making bread.  The less you handle this, the lighter your scones.  I want them to melt in my mouth when I eat them.

Put flour on a bread board. 
Dump your sticky scone mix on the flour. 
Dust with flour. 
Knead 5 or 6 times

Divide the dough into 3 pieces.

***  After you knead the dough, divide it into 3 pieces.  Pick up one piece and gently roll it into a ball between your hands.  Lay it on the floured board and gently press it into a circle about one inch tall.  Cut the circle into quarters, 4 pieces.  Place them on a cookie sheet that has NOT been greased.  Repeat for each piece.

Pat each piece into a ball.  Don't handle it too much.
Flatten each ball into a nice round circle.
Cut each circle into 4 pieces.

***  Bake according to box.  While these are baking, gather ingredients for your frosting.

Place your pieces onto a non greased cookie sheet.
Bake according to box directions.

***  I started the frosting when there was about 7 minutes left for the scones to bake.  You will need the following:

Frosting ingredients:
powdered sugar, honey, cinnamon and butter.

***  Frosting:

1 Tablespoon butter
2 to 3 Tablespoons honey ( I like more! )
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon (slightly rounded on top) cinnamon

In a small bowl: melt butter and honey together.  Add powdered sugar and cinnamon.  Beat until completely mixed, smooth.

This frosting is sticky.  The minute the scones were done I pulled them out of the oven and drizzled the frosting on top of the scones.

Because my scones needed to bake a few minutes longer than the box said my frosting was getting a little too hard.  If yours does too, place the bowl of frosting in your microwave for 5 to 10 seconds.  Just enough time to melt it a little.

This is a sticky, gooey frosting!

Pretty and ready to frost straight out of the oven.

Drizzle on your frosting.

Ready to eat!!!

These were soooooo gooooooooooooooood!  They really did melt in my mouth.  The scone mix isn't too sweet.  The raspberries are a little tart.  And the frosting is the butter and honey I would usually place inside the scone, just a little sweeter and spicier!

I love the way this frosting sets up.  It stays a little sticky, but it stays in place.  It doesn't run all over the place.

I hope you understood the directions on how to mix these.  The most important part to making scones:  DO NOT OVER MIX YOUR DOUGH.

If you have any questions about this recipe or how to mix the dough just ask!  I'll help any way I can.

I sure hope you try making these and let me know how you did.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Thursday, April 25, 2013

GARDEN Whiskey Barrel Trellis

Hi guys!

So!  Quickly!  I'll show you the 2nd trellis I built out of that whiskey barrel that was in pieces.


The top 2 boards on the left are
from the end of the barrel.

This is fun.  Picture a nice climbing rose on it!
Maybe a sweet grape vine on it???

It looks like it's round.

This is what you kind of see at the bottom
of the trellis.  I love stuff like this. 
I made this several years ago.

I'm still working on the pickup seat... I hope to have it done Friday evening so I can show it to you this weekend.  Cross your fingers.  So far ,,, so fun!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Monday, April 22, 2013

WIP - Work In Progress


With Sorticulture just around the corner I decided to take a good long look at the mess I have in my back yard.  I just knew there were a few things I could tackle on a sunny, YES! SUNNY, day like today.  What a mess I found.

So, here's a look at the mess and what I found there!

Check out this mess!  Truck parts, scrap metal,
empty buckets, a car windshield, and a
garbage bag full of cans!  EEK!

I need to remove the old upholstery.  What do you think
I'm going to find under it? 
It's a bench seat from a 1951 Ford Pickup!

I got lucky!  Only a little bit of mouse stuff!  I'll let
it sit for a night to finish drying out what ever
junk was in the springs and batting.


A few years ago I made a flower bed out of an old mattress spring.  This one is telling me to do a similar piece.  It just fits.  SO!  If all goes pretty good,,, I'll have a completed piece to show you by the end of the week!

Cross your fingers!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tin Can Art

Hey there!

First, let me tell you what I did Friday!  I went to Lynden.  That's about 1 1/2 hours north of me and very, very close to the border.  EEK!  I stopped in Bellingham first to a fun bead shop.  YEP!  Scored!  Got a few great pieces. 


I went up to Lynden for BULL RIDING!  What else!!!!  O. M. G.! 
It was so GOOD!!! 

It was the PBR Lucas Oil Touring Team.  What I call the minor league of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders).  Sorry!  They haven't put the results online yet!  BUT!  There are tons of amazing pictures from the event on the Bellingham Herald's website.  They are for sale if you are into these events.  HA!  Or just the cowboys!!!  Check it out! 

The place was packed with people standing up all over the place.  By the time the finals were going the place was screaming loud and rockin'!  What a great time for all!!!  Thanks for coming up guys!  Hope you come back again.

Saturday I spent the day at a friends house along with a couple other ladies and we tackled some tin cans!  What to do with them???  Who knew?  OH !  Wait!  That would be Amy Duncan.  She's good at any type of art.  Here!  She did great!  We started with empty, CLEAN, cans and made the cans fun and usable!  I'll let Amy put it on her blog.  After all ,,, it was her party, her goodies.  We got to take home our cans when we were done. 

It's fun to hang out with people who bring good energy.  People who enjoy learning some thing new.  OR!  People who just want to hang out and chat.  As always there was food, drinks and a gorgeous dog named Calvin!  He's such a babe.

WELL!  Here's what I brought home!

Do you remember the heart and arrow
I cut out with the plasma cutter???

I riveted the heart and arrow onto the front of the can.

I added plumbers tape as a handle and wired it on with copper.  The butterfly is a bead I just bought in Bellingham.

For this bucket I stated out with fabric with flowers on it.  I cut out the flower and decoupaged it on.  Then added plasma cut out flowers and a bottle cap!

I stamped on the words FLOWER POT.

What a fun flower!

Check out the handle.  Can't remember where I found it. 
BUT!  I think it was a pendulum
in an old clock or a motor.

This is what the buckets were hanging off of. 
What is it you ask???

A project for Sorticulture!

Next I think I'm working on a flower planter made from a 1951 Ford Pickup bench seat!   Sounds like fun to me!  Watch for it soon.  WELL!  That's if it's not pouring down rain all week ... AGAIN!!!

Sorry!  I'm tired of the rain this year.  It's been a wet one!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What To Do With A Broken Whiskey Barrel and An Alley Find

Hi guys!

First let's talk about the show I just did!

The weather sucked!

OKAY!  Next topic!

LOL!  Seriously, the weather was so bad that very, very few people showed up.  It was sad.  It was a well organized and put together show.  It didn't matter.  It was just too WET!  Oh well!

SO!  It's Sunday and I'm pouting and tired and still wet (okay!  maybe) from Saturday.  Joy wants to go walking and she's not taking no for an answer.  Off we go!  YAY!  We found a hammer!  No kidding!  In a guys metal recycle bin!  YAY AGAIN!

It's like brand new!!!

SO!  We brought it home and my dad shows up Tuesday with this broken whiskey barrel.  YAY some more!!!  He's got the boards and the bands.  We went out for a nice lunch, chatted a long time then he left and I went to work.

Great boards.  They're curved.  YUM!

That morning Joy and I were walking through the alley and I spotted a trellis in a back yard.  Now, maybe it's been there forever???  Maybe it was just planted there???  I'm not sure.  BUT!  For some reason that morning it spoke to me and I just had to copy it.  SO!  I did ... with the whiskey barrel.

Love the colors! 

The trellis I saw was made of 2"X2" boards about 6 to 8 inches long.  They were placed in a nice pattern and looked really nice.  Nothing special ,,, just NICE!  I thought about it all morning.  THEN!  The boards from the whiskey barrel show up and I made this!

The 2 boards holding it together are worm wood. 
This gives it even more appeal.

Some boards are thinner than others.

Side view.  See how they are bent?

The Climber!

FUN!!!  I do love garden art.  This fun piece will give you some thing to talk about in your garden setting!  It'll be at Sorticulture June 7-9, Legion Park, Everett, WA.

What do you think???  Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Marysville Spring Craft and Garden Show

Hi guys!

Just a last minute reminder of the wonderful show going on in Marysville this weekend!

It's at Comfort Park, the water tower park, on State Street.  It's between 5th and 6th.  I'll be on the North East corner of the park.

Hope to see you there!  Shell

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Blue Skyy and a Shiner!

Hi guys!

Here's a few more pics of what's coming to Marysville!

I've been busy with a couple fun pieces.  During those projects I had to bend some rebar.  I do this all the time and this is the 2nd time some one has put the wrong type of steel in my pile!  CRAP!  What does that mean???  It DOESN'T bend!  It breaks.  I haven't found a way yet to tell one type from the other.  This is something I'm going to have to do soon! This time it cost me 8 stitches from the middle of my nose, right between my eyes, then down my cheek bone until the cut was nearly to the other side of my eye.  NOW!  I nearly always wear eye protection.  There are times when it truly isn't necessary.  Bending rebar is one of those times.  With a jig, a little muscle and a lot of leverage rebar bends like butter!  Rebar is easier to bend when it's rusty and I make sure mine is rusty.  I think it's because it has broken down the coating on the top of the steel.  When you bend it,,, you get a lot of rusty dust.  SO!  I usually wear my glasses.  OOPS!  This is one time I'm glad I didn't have them on.  The rebar would have hit the glasses and that would have caused a lot more damage.  This was enough thank you very much!!!   J  (That's an embarrased smile!)  

OKAY!  Picture time! 

Skyy vodka bottles.
Click here for plans to make this - available on Etsy.com.


Copper made into garden architecture for the birds.

Top view of copper "thing".

Another piece, a different color.  SCHWEET!

Close up.  Great color and patina!!!

A perch with a door knob on the end.

I found all that copper at the recycle center.  It cost me a fortune.  BUT!  The plain pieces still cost less there than at the local hardware stores.  The funky pieces are amazing!  These are so fun.  If I had a booth with electricity I would have made both of these into water features!  These will continue to weather and get that great patina the tops have.  These will be gorgeous and definitely one of a kind in a garden!!!

Motorcycle license plates.

I love flowers!!!

On all the flowers that I made with license plates I used a piece of rebar as the stem, then I bent a small piece and welded it to the bottom of each as a step.  YEP!  When you step on it the flower sinks into the ground.  Plus the step adds a little extra balance to hold the flower up.  Right now some of those in my flower beds are trying to fall down.  It has rained so much here my flower beds are nearly mud instead of dirt.  This step keeps them from falling over right away.

SO!  Here's what a broken piece of steel can do to you when it's over your head and you're pulling it down....

The next day!

If nothing else,,, I just say "you should see the other guy!".

These will all be in the upcoming Marysville garden and craft show this Saturday!!!! 

Hope to see you there!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell