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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh So Lucky Me! SCORE!!!

It was my lucky day when Joy and I hit the alley on this sunny day!!!  Can you believe I found this wonderful old, awesome, ironing board???  

Not a great looking find you say???

Check this out!

This wonderful little clip (one on each side) held that icky old pad on the ironing board.  Think jewelry finding!



BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    and

What can we put in holes like these???

Can you see a jewelry display here??? 

Oh please say yes!

I DID!!!

There's a funny story that goes with this one.  Joy and I walk the same route on our walk nearly every day.  Every once in a while we meet people in the alley.  We did this day.  We have 2 new tenants in a rental just 2 blocks away.  These 2 young men were sitting around a picnic table chatting away on our way by the first time.  The smell of pot was a little over whelming and we were 50 feet away.  The funny part ...  it's clean and sober housing!!!  This is a first, that I've seen there.  Well, on our way back we passed them again, only this time, we were carrying this under my arm.  They just cracked up.  They were laughing so hard it told me how long they'd had their little party going on.  We could still hear them laughing nearly a full block away.  That made me laugh too!!!  I don't care what they do.  That's their business.  It was just too funny to hear them laughing so hard I thought they might wet their pants.  That's a tale they'll be telling for a while.  I can just hear it now...  "Dude, you should have seen it.  There was this old bag lady and her old dog walking down the alley carrying an ironing board!!!" 

So?  Want a sneak peak at some jewelry from junk for Fresh Paint???  OK!  Here we go. 

  A couple bracelets.

More bracelets.

Fun and funky necklace from junk and more!!!

Earrings ,,, not from junk!

Sorry the pictures were taken in full sun light.  I'll get some more for you soon!!!

Time to go get some thing made ... even if it's bad!!!  :)

Found any thing lately???  Let me know what you found! 

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fresh Paint - Festival of Artists at Work!

Coming soon to a marina near you!
Well, near me!


This is a fun art show.  Here all the artists are supposed to be doing their art while you stroll by.  One small problem with that is you are so busy (chatting in my case!) you don't always have time to work on your art.  I only get to see these people once or twice each year.  I get to a show and it seems I am too busy talking.  I'd much rather talk to these wonderful people than work!  You know what I mean?  These people are friends that stop by and chat for a while like a long, lost best friend.  What can I say?  It's FUN!

Because my art is so "all over the place", I never really know what I'm going to make.  Because I use recycled parts, junk, garbage or what ever I find, I can not tell any one exactly what will be there.  Although I do find most of my art is garden related.  I really love to make things that can go in a garden to give you a one of a kind piece.  A piece that makes your garden spot fun.  A piece that has some personality!  Some thing a little different than you already have.

I think this year jewelry is what I'm aiming to take.  Some thing different for me.  Plus there just has to be a few goodies for the garden and those odd ball things I like to make for inside the house.  I love making jewelry and I hope this year to make it "different" than what I normally find at most shows.

SO!  If you are in the area, please stop by and take a nice, long walk down the promenade and check out all the art.  There's food, drinks and of course the hot shop will be showing you their fun glass blowing techniques.  There's things for the kids to do!  Don't forget the float find on the jetty!

Check out the Fresh Paint website for a lot more information along with a list of who's going to be there.  I know Amy of Four Corners Design and Janet Foley will be there with bells on their toes!!!

I'll be close to Lombardi's, close to W. Marine View Dr.  

Dates and times:

August 18 & 19th
10 am to 5 pm

Parking can be tough.  Get there early or take the bus.  It will drop you off and pick you up close to the show.  And don't forget the Farmers market is open Sunday!!!

I hope to see you there!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What is that Smell???

Okay!  It's my brain on fire.  NO!  Not from thinking up fun new things!!!  From sitting idle, maybe in reverse.  LOL!  So, what do you do when you have a giant brain fart and you can NOT think of a single thing to make???  EEK!  I have no stinking idea!!!  Ha ha!!!  What?  You think I’m kidding?  Not even a tiny bit.  J

SO!  Just to try to get things moving I went to the table I make beads and jewelry at.  Here, I’m sure I’ll think of some thing.  I was working on a couple bracelets out of junk a while back.  I figured I’d work on them some more.  This will get those so called creative juices moving!  Right?  WRONG!!!  One of the bracelets is gone.  I’ve looked every where for it.  Gone!  EEK!  I’ve looked inside the house, in every single room and under every thing.  I’ve even gone through my garage!  No luck!  SO!  FINE!  I started a necklace out of junk.  It’s okay.  Not too bad.  BUT!  I didn’t like the way it hung. 

Junk Pendant.  I'll post pictures of the whole necklace after I fix the wire job.  What was I thinking???  Notice how tight the wire is?  It won't let the pendant move.  OOPS!

So, I went to grab the old wire (so I could restring the pendant) I had and ,,, YEP!  It’s gone!  NO!  I AM NOT KIDDING!  So!  I started another bracelet and while I like it.  It isn't what I set out to make! 

Hope Bracelet.  Made from denim jeans, license plates and a rusted key I found in the alley, junk jewelry rhinestone, curtain rod holder, a cute green drop bead, a sweet red bead on an eye pin, a few rivets, a short piece of chain and some scraps of copper!

Must be my crappy mood, huh???  J

Lately, it seems, every thing I do I either screw it up, make it wrong or lose it.  SO!  I took a couple days to just chill and try again.  That works best for me.  If this doesn’t work ,,, out comes the bottle of wine!  HUM!  At least that way I’ll be relaxed and enjoying what ever I’m trying to do!

What happens some times is we try so hard to do some thing, that we can’t concentrate the way we should.  We push too hard.  You know that feeling, when you feel like you are banging your head on the wall?  I know better, yet, I do it quite often.  Right now I’m getting ready for Fresh Paint.  Well, I’m supposed to be.  I’m down to 24 days to show time.  The show opens on the 18th of August on the waterfront in Everett.  I’ll post the dates and times very soon!  Or, you can click on the word FRESH PAINT to go to the shows website. 

OK!  I’m going back out there and making some thing,,, right now!!!!!!!!!  Even if it’s wrong! 

What do you do to get those juices moving again???  To get that creativity you were pretty sure you had.  What does it for you???

I’m off to find several sections of old fence in my driveway.  I hope while I’m tearing them apart, for the boards, I’ll find some inspiration.  If not, I think I’ll just smack that hammer a few times way too hard, at least that way I’ll feel like I got rid of some of the frustration!  J

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shelley

Friday, July 20, 2012

I Found A Fun One In The Alley!

Okay!  So I'm late.  I know!  I know!  Although I'm retired I just can't seem to find enough time in the day to get things done.  HUM!  Could it be too much goofing off?  HUH?  ME?  Why yes! 

Since last week I had my granddaughter over for 4 days.  That was a hoot!  She's so much fun.  11 years old and changing so fast.  It seems like she's not big on playing as much as she used to.  Now, it seems she just wants to hang out and watch every one around us.  HUM??? 

Little Miss Juliet, my granddaughter and I did some training.  You see the kitty is training us!  What a ball we are having .... well, most of the time.  Potty training ,,, well, it sucks!  I'm pretty sure in the past week Juliet has eaten twice her weight in food.  She's round and clumsy yet.  She's so much fun to watch.  Both Joy and Macs are having fun with her.  Macs is training Juliet.  He does things while she's walking behind him.  Then she does the same thing.  It's funny too see!

WELL!  I haven't gotten around to working on much.  But!  Joy and I were walking down the alley and found a fun, large sign or stepping stone for the garden with Joy's name on it.  It's fun and it's out in the back yard where Joy hangs out.

Take a look at this score!!!

JOY - stepping stone

This was fun to find and goes well in the back yard. 

Have you found any thing fun lately???  Been to any garage sales???  It's fun when you do!!!  Let me know what you found!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shelley

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not Only Did I Get The Tailgate,,,

Okay, so a lady walks into a dump ....  YEP!  That would be me!  I had a ball today. 

FIRST!   You have to try this recipe.  I kid you not.  Now, I love a good banana bread or cake.  BUT!  I have never made one where the flavor was there as soon as it came out of the oven.  It ALWAYS takes until the next day.  You really have to let it sit to get that wonderful flavor.  WELL!  Not today.  I made a banana cake recipe I found on Pinterest, then changed it slightly!  Not by much.  Check out the original recipe right here.  The only thing I changed was:  I used butter instead of shortening!  I used 1 1/2 tsp vanilla, not just 1 like the recipe called for.  And, I added 1 tsp. of cinnamon.  I used 2 bananas that were as black as they could get.  AND WOW!  The guys got the cake and I got the tailgate!  Check out the pics below!

This will be the back of a garden bench.

Banana cake ,,, next time I'll actually sift the flour!  I got lazy!  This is a great recipe!

After my trip to the recycle center ,,, I think I'm going for records there.  How much can I spend there in one week.  How much crap can I haul home in one week.  Oh well!  Remember the bench???  I DO!  Soon!  Very soon!!!!  Any way ,,, back to it ,,, after the recycle center I went to visit a sister. 


Meet Juliet (my granddaughter named her for me).  She's around 6 weeks old and is going to be Macs' new playmate. 

My sister lives on 5 acres and keeps "barn cats".  They are wonderful cats, they just aren't as tame as your regular house cat.  SO!  We have lots of training to do.  As of tonight her favorite place to crash is on my chest.  Her favorite place to sit is on my shoulder.  Her favorite toy is my finger (ouch).  And her favorite thing to do is hiss and growl at both Macs and Joy.  Joy is just dieing to meet her.  So far, so barely okay.  Joy nursed Macs for the first 1 1/2 years of Macs' life.  Crazy!  Mama (Joy's nickname) is so wanting to do this again.  Only time will tell.

OKAY!  So, not only did I get the tail gate.  I got the kitty!

Don't you just love babies???  Animal or human!  They are wonderful!  Did you get any new babies this year?  Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guess What I Found Today???

In case you haven't noticed yet ...  I LOVE METAL!  I love funky things.  SO!  Today I made a trip into the metal recycle yard down the road.  I hadn't been there in 3 weeks.  I usually stop by every other week and, YES, I take them food.  I love to bake and cook and with just me at home. WELL!  Some one needs food somewhere!  I picked these guys.  The owner is a very nice man, but, his employees are a hoot!  I think I just adopted 5 more brothers! 

SO!  With a large plate of fudge in my hands I stopped in to say hello and look for "small" metal pieces for my jewelry projects I'm supposed to be working on.  O.M.G.!  The pile today, to pick from, was amazing.  The first 2 guys I talked to gave me a bad time for not being around.  We chatted for a short time then I was off to see what they had for me.  WELL!  They work in the brass and copper section. 

SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!  READY???

Heater Core, think garden art, think Sorticulture!!!

Check out the patina and the textures!!!


These 2 long radiator looking parts,,, they are for a friend. These will be her fish bones in her art work. 

The next guy I saw was on a large back hoe, fork lift or some thing.  He was working away, looked up and yelled "HEY!  You don't write.  You don't call!  You don't come around any more.  Where have you been?".  I just cracked up.  It was nice to see I (okay!  My food!) have been missed. 

In the main pile of crap he was working at was probably 100 to 125 berry carts.  YEP!  The metal berry carts that had a cute little wheel on it and the cart would hold a flat wood box.  The ones you see at the antique shops for a bunch of bucks!!!  Here were piles of them some one threw out!  I HAD TO HAVE THE WHEELS!  So he pulled a bunch out of the pile for me and I cut off the piece that held the wheel on and LOOK what I got!!!

Over 20 berry cart wheels.  YES!  I really wanted every single one.  BUT!  Even I have to stop some where!

When I was through chatting with that guy, I chatted with the other 2 just in time for this lady to back a truck up to that giant pile and she started unloading great stuff.   She was throwing some of it into my truck.  That was fun!

Here are more pictures!!!

Small load!

Fun parts!

Can you say jewelry???

Gears, gotta love them!

Side one of an old box cutter!

Side 2!



casters!  Amy Duncan ???  Want a pink one???

As you can see, I had fun today!!!  I have a thing for the odd thing!  :)  Tomorrow I'm going back to pick up a tail gate from an old FORD truck!  It's CRAPTASTIC!!!  Wait til you see it!!!

I hope you enjoyed these photos.  Is this some thing you like to do?  If so, what do you REALLY hope to find???  Let me know!

I'll get back on the bracelets very soon!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

Monday, July 9, 2012

Junk Jewelry - First Piece

Okay!  If you didn't read my blog from yesterday  ...  I would like to make some jewelry out of junk and used parts.  THEN!  I want to start out with a nice piece of craft jewelry, later turning that same piece into a piece of art jewelry.  Check out the pictures of junk I'd like to use right here.

So, I played a little with that sweet little green belt.  I left this at the point where I can either stop and I call it a craft.  OR!  Keep going and see if I can turn it into art.

Let's see what I've made so far:

Here's the beginning of a fun little bracelet.

I have a thing for crosses and hearts.  That sweet little orange bead, I made it by melting glass onto copper wire.  That bead is sitting inside a fun bead cap.

Yep!  That's the spring with 2 open ends on it!  I love this thing.  That's a heart from an earring I found.  The white bead is also a bead I made on the end of a copper wire.


So far I haven't done any thing but start the middle of this bracelet.  So far, so okay!  BUT!  I haven't decided if I should add more to the length of the green belt piece????  Maybe I should add some fun leather strips to it?  Maybe I should add some beads off the end of the belt piece?  Maybe I should just leave it, add a closure of some type to it.  Then I could add a few more bracelets to it and call it a stack bracelet.  Questions, questions, questions!  Maybe I should say:   SO MANY OPTIONS!!!  YAY!!!

When jewelers make their great products a lot of thought goes into what they like to make, how to make it and then, whether their customers will like it. 

What do you think so far?  I do have to keep going.  I just wonder how far.  Only time will tell.  Let me know what you think,,, please!  It's fun to hear from you!  Thanks!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one! Shell

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Smashed Buttons, Junk and Jewelry!

Okay!  So after I had fun showing you how I like to make concrete blocks, I’ve been thinking!  I love messing around with stuff that doesn’t “belong” together.  Things that can be put together that most people would never think of.  I know of a lot of assemblage artists who do just this.  Actually, I think that’s the difference between craft and art.  I make a lot of crafts and some art.  I strive to make art.  But, honestly, I believe a lot of what I make I would consider craft.  To me the difference is that “out there” quality.  The difference between making that really nice piece and then call it done, versus taking that same piece and adding those finishing, funky touches that take it out there.  That make it different, that make it outstanding!

So, maybe we could have some fun and see the difference in a few pieces I make in jewelry.  Let’s take some junk and put it together and see what I can make it into.  You’ll have to tell me in the end what you think.  Craft?   Art?

I’ve been on a kick lately gathering leather belts.  Don’t ask!  LOL!  All I can say is that when I see things they make me think of other things and then I go looking for parts to make those things that are on my mind.

In this case ,,, PINTEREST.  Or, as I really call it ... Pornterest.  You see as a former (25 years ago) body sculptor and all around jock, I love the human form.  I do believe there is nothing better looking than a “hard” body, a body that is in great physical shape.  I don’t really mean body builders, I mean just in good shape bodies.  So, I have been pinning many pictures of great looking men onto a board I call Eye Candy Men.  Well, I’m finding most of the men I’m getting the pictures from are gay.  I love them.  They have the best pictures.  BUT!  I’m also getting quite the education!  EEK!  Hence, the name Pornterest and that’s another story. 

So, back to what I’ve seen lately on Pinterest.  SMASHED BUTTONS!  Yep!  Smashed metal buttons made into jewelry.  I LOVE THEM!!!!  I love jewelry even though I’m allergic to most metals.  I make a lot of jewelry and then try to wear it.  Doesn’t work very well!  So, I’m going to try making jewelry out of these belts.  Leather, I am not allergic to!  Leather, junk and beads made into bracelets and necklaces and even earrings.  What do you think?  I’m thinking give me a couple days and I’ll have at least one piece made by then.  Even if I don’t like it, or didn’t make it right, I’ll show you what I’m doing.

One thing I love to do is see what people have to use for “parts” for art when they are assemblage artists like me.  SO!  If you’d like to see what I’ve picked up around the garage, house, alley, junk shops, flea markets and been given by great friends … stick around!  I’m thinking most of this “crap” will make great jewelry. 

Here we go!

Things from the alley, wood measuring tape, lids, fan parts, keys, plumbers tape, springs, pieces of metal and a wonderful sardine lid!

wood handles, cupboard hardware, keys, metal tools

Check out the patina on this plumbers tape!  WOW!

I love the numbers on that dial, the metal spring with 2 open ends on it.

Love that dial.  The flower is from a "thing" some one made for a Christmas ornament.

I love metal signs of any kind.  Check out the patina on the thimble.  YUM!  The flower looking piece came from a fan inside an old computer.

Think cuff bracelet.

This copper and glass piece ,,, it used to be a small vial from a first aid kit.  I added the squiggly copper and slumped them in the kiln.  Wish I still had a dozen of these!

The piece in the middle ...  the top of a Christmas ornament and it's hanger.

Fittings for copper wires and a clip used on some thing like a Christmas ornament.  It has part of a word stamped into it.  I'm pretty sure it says GERMANY.

Key tags, license plate letters, ceramic insulator, drain cover, wood handle, METAL!

What can I say?  Rocks from dads place in the mountains.

Hinges, hardware, keys, blue coated copper, spoon, pop tab, beer caps, shoe hook, brass tags, green metal leaf from my neighbors old garden art.

Cork remover?  I love the arms on it!  Tequila labels!  YEP!

Love this label, it's a thin tin type material.  I hope it won't tear!  YEP!  I found it in the alley!

Check out the arms on this cork screw!  They're gorgeous.  I think ,,, take it apart and use the arms!!!

Christy's, Indiana, PA and Fordse!!!

Belt buckles!  Key holes!  2 great scores!

Cupboard handles that hang.  Just right for earrings?  Can you find the OPERATOR button?

This string of odd pieces?  Oh my friends!  This is a real score.  These are pretty much one of a kind pieces.  This a bunch of fittings and things made for specific pieces on Boeing airplanes.  I found this string (it was much fuller then) at a garage sale.  When I asked the guy how much ,,, he laughed at me.  Then told me to take them, "no one will want them!"  Who's laughing now!  These are so much fun!

Advertising key and fob.

This is stuff out of a JOY JAR.  I bought 3 different old, wire closing mason jars from a wonderful couple at an Antique Tailgate show full of all kinds of "crap" (yes!  My favorite word).  Just junk parts to give you JOY I was told!

Love the measuring tape (thank you wonderful neighbor!), curtain hanging clips (thank you wonderful Liz!), keys and locks, tokens, clock parts, STUFF!

Metal buttons I've had forever!  TIME TO SMASH THEM!!!  Weehaw!

Here are the belts I've been buying.  Time to cut them up and do some thing with them.  Even if it's wrong!  :)

OK!  Well, I'm off to cut up a belt and see what happens!!!  BUT first, Joy is ready for her walk.  Thank God she can't talk.  The words that would be coming out of her mouth right now.  You should see the look on her face.  Basically it says,,, GET UP NOW!!!  Let's move it!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya soon and have a good one!  Shell