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Monday, May 28, 2012




 First off … let me thank my neighbor, who is always kind enough to bring me great CRAP, THANK YOU!  

I mean come on!!!  Who do you know that would bring you some thing like this???  I know a few people who would!  For that …


So, now that we know what it is???  Well, what is it?  It looks to be the bottom of some old chair or foot stool or some thing that sat still, low to the ground and needed springs under it!  HUM!  Guess I’m still not quite sure what it was.  BUT!  I do know what it is now!!!

Take a look!!!
Why, it's a turtle!!!

With a tail

and springs.

So, what was he made from besides the "thing"?




See!  That's all there is to it!  LOL :)  If it looks like a turtle, then it should be a turtle!  Yep!  He'll be at Sorticulture!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell        

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beer showers! It’s raining beer!!!


Are we talking:  beer flowing all over???

Are we talking:  taking an actual shower in nothing but suds???


We are talking:  a hose and water nozzle that are leaking beads (that remind me of the foam on the top of a beer) and beer caps (found in the alley) that make a clinking noise. 

We are talking a wind chime that honestly doesn’t have that pretty tinkling sound.  No, this has a clinking noise.  WHAT??? you ask!  I’m talking about a sound that is pleasant.  You will be able to hear it in the video at the end of this post.

This is a fun piece done in 2 different styles.  One that looks like a hose that reaches up from the dirt towards the sky, then it makes a U turn and heads back towards the ground only to spill it’s “water”.

The other is just a fun wind chime.  FUN!

Take a look:

In the sun the beads shimmer and remind me
of the suds on a beer.

Here's a beer shower that is spilling its beer into a pond.  This was my sisters Christmas present last year.  Your garden looks awesome!!!

A funnel holds this little wind chime.

Here's a short video that lets you hear the noise this makes.  I shook it to get this.  It was a windless morning!!!

These will be available during Sorticulture, along with a couple others. 

Thanks for looking!  I'll keep posting pics as the art is being made for this show.   More to come tomorrow!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

What do you do with a broken shovel? Come see!

Hey guys!  Do you ever see some thing you want to make and it's way over your head OR you can't even imagine how much the "real" tools cost to make it???  WELL!  I do this all the time.  Then, after I'm done pouting!, I figure out what I can make within my "means" and just try it.  A while back there were some posts of these amazing shovels on Pinterest.  Some one had taken a plasma cutter of some kind and cut an intricate pattern on them.  I'm pretty sure they were done with a computerized, expensive set up.  WELL!  I got out my little hobby set up and went to town.  You see I have several shovels with broken handles.  NOW, I know!  I could have replaced the handles and gotten back to work with them. BUT!  These are shovels I've been picking up out of the alley, the recycle centers and junk stores.  At one point I had about 30.  I gave nearly all of those to a guy who does welded art for part of his living expenses.  He's amazing!  I know several amazing artists who weld.  When they see some thing I made ,,, I cringe!  I'm sure they're laughing behind my back.  BUT!  So far they have been wonderful and very supportive.  Thanks guys!

OKAY!  So!  Here's my take on what I saw on Pinterest!

Herbs with a swirl!

You can see where the handle broke.

Garden and curlies!

Yes, these and more will be at Sorticulture!

The rust you see will change after a very short time.  A couple rainy days and they'll be just as crusty as they should be!  :)

I'm working on a few more.  I hope to have at least 8 by the time Sorticulture arrives.

What do you think about the patterns???  The words???  Can you think of any thing else that might be fun?  Let me know, please.  One of the hardest things to do when you are in the middle of making some thing like this,,, is to change your ideas.  To go with some thing as simple as a different word.  Thanks!!!!  Don't be shy!  Just let me know what could be better or different!  Thanks again!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Friday, May 25, 2012

Look what I found in the alley!

Hey!  Check this out!!!! 

Some times when you find a small pile of boards that you know you shouldn't bring home,,, WELL!  They turn out to be just what the doctor ordered!!!  Here are just a few pictures of what I found and what they turned out to be.  These will be at Sorticulture.

This nice pile of red boards came home with me.  Even though I told myself NO!  You can NOT bring them home.

These small boards snuck in the truck while I wasn't looking!

They look like junk!

Look what happened!

These sweet little boxes are ready for plants in your yard
 or organizing in your home!

They aren't real fancy!  They don't need to be!

They just look good!  A little Red, White and Blue for you!

    ***I need to thank Stacie Kentop for the license plates.***

She was kind enough to put out a notice at work that I was looking for license plates and the next thing we knew...  she had a desk full of them!  Thanks guys for all your help.  These are what I call a down and dirty, quick project.  They were fun!  Check out Stacie's website.  She does wonderful work!

I hope you have a great, fun and safe holiday weekend!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What did the bottle say to the bike?


It was love at first sight!

Check this out!  Don't you just love this blue???  I sure do!  What can I say.  You take one of these bicycle wheels, hang it in your garden where it will get tons of sunshine and your whole garden will light up!  It's like magic!!! 

I make a lot of garden art and I do believe my favorite thing is color.  You can't tell that by my clothes, my cars or the inside of my house.  BUT!  In the garden ,,,  you have to have great color.  It doesn't take much.  One piece can make your garden POP!!!

Tell me what you think of this old bicycle wheel!  I'll have these at Sorticulture for sale.

"According to several sources, the trees (in this case the bike wheel) are used to keep evil spirits out of one's home (...) The spirits come out at dusk and are beckoned inside by the slanting light refracted through the sparkling blue bottles.

Once inside, the spirits are trapped. Some say they are vaporized when the bottles are flooded with morning sun.

Others say the spirits simply cannot escape the bottle and that you can hear them moaning in agony when the wind blows through the tree branches."


Would you like to try this?

All you do is:)

Drill a small hole in the bottom of any beer bottle.

Unscrew the spoke on the bicycle wheel. 

Pull the spoke out and slide the bottle on that spoke. 

Slide the spoke under the hole in the bike rim and screw the "thingy" back onto the spoke. 

DONE!!!!  Add as many as you'd like on each wheel. 

That sounds so fast and easy.  HA!  It's not hard.  BUT!  It does take time and patience.  Try it.  Fumble around a little.  It's okay if it doesn't seem to work the first time.  Mine was easy to do because I have been making stuff like this for the past couple years.  My first one took me a couple hours trying to figure out how to place odd pieces of glass inside the spokes.  This is much easier.

If you have any questions, just ask.  I'd be more than happy to help.

Let me know what you think.  Too much blue?  Not enough blue?   Is there a pattern you like better than the other?

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue! BLue!! and more BLUE!!!

Every where I look,,, there’s BLUE!!!

I love cobalt blue!  It just seems like a happy color!  It’s warm!  It’s rich!  It’s dreamy!  What if the sky was cobalt blue???  HUMMMMM!  WELL!  Enough dreaming!  I’ve got to show you some new goodies that are going to Sorticulture with me. 

I mentioned before that people have been asking me for bottle trees.  WELL!  I’ve made a few and need to make more,,, but,,, I got bored making them.  So, I had to make some thing else with these great blue bottles. 

Here’s a couple pictures.  Let me know what you think!

What was that old beer drinking song? 
Some thing about 99 bottles of beer on the wall???

The sun was barely shining this day!  Sorry!

Do you like the insulator on top? 
It's okay!  Tell the truth!

These are made from old fence boards
and bottles I found in the alley.

I love old, odd stuff in my flower beds.

This trellis is nearly 20 years old. It was a cupboard door from a house built in the 1920's.  I like the blue behind it.

What should I call these puppies?  Shadow boxes?  Nah!  Blue lattice?  Hum!  Closer!  Got any ideas?  The hardest part of making art is actually naming your art.  I honestly hate that part of it!

Which frame do you like the best?  The one with or without the glass insulator on the top?

If you like these, wait until I show you what I'm making next with these great bottles!  I hope to post them in a couple days.  It has been raining here so much it's tough to get outside to work or take pictures.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one! Shell

Thursday, May 17, 2012

LOOK! Guess what I found???

OMG!  I have to tell you.  I’ve been trying to get some art made for Sorticulture, a garden art show that’s right around the corner!!!  SO!  About every 2 weeks or so I go to our local metal recycle “dump”.  The guys there are wonderful, all fun and rarely in a bad mood.  YES!  I take them food!  That way they get some and so do I!!!  I need it too!  OK!  Not really.  It’s just that my very favorite thing in the world to do is bake.  Not cook!  Bake!

When I was in high school all I wanted to do was open a bakery and have antiques to sell in it!  BUT!  I was so tired of school I went looking for a job and I got lucky.  WELL!  I think it was lucky.  LOL!  It was.  They gave me a nice retirement when they smiled and thanked me for retiring after 34 years.  They kept calling me a “shit disturber”.  HUM???  I was a chief shop steward for our local union and on their executive board.  YEP!  I was a pain, but, only because they had to mind the contract. 

SO!  Where was I???  Oh yeah!!!  The recycle center.  I found this giant box (about 4 feet square and tall!) full of brass.  Oh I do love shiny things.  Don’t you???  Well, down at the very bottom was this load of keys.  Now, normally I’d say “oh gee, that’s nice” and leave.  Only this time some of the keys were different colors.  I mean like fun colors, ads, universities, pro ball clubs, sparkly rhinestones, and much, much more!  SCORE!!!  What can I say???  I looked around and no one was looking.  SO!  YEP!  Over the top of that 4 foot tall box I went.  I started putting the keys in any thing that I could find that would hold the keys,,, note to self,,, next time get smart and bring in a bucket!!! 

WELL!  I was in there at least 10 minutes before 2 of the guys peeked over the top (while eating my peach dump cake I found the recipe for on Pinterest!) and asked how I got in there.  I just laughed and said “GO AWAY!  Don’t let the boss catch me!”  They laughed and actually left!  Although, they were laughing so hard the next guy came over and peeked inside!  He helped me by handing me a bucket, then left.  I was hollering at him but he was laughing so hard he didn’t even turn around.  The turkey gave me my “escape bucket”, the bucket that I used to climb over the top of the box with.  The bucket I was going to use to get back out.  I needed that step!  Darn the luck.  Well, after 20 minutes I climbed out, OUCH, and felt like a girl just learning to ride a boys bike!  YEP!  That one hurt!!! 

I pulled out my bucket of keys and walked up to have one of the guys weigh it for me.  OUCH again!  32 pounds of keys later, at over $2.25 a pound, I was getting in my truck and headed for home.  I didn’t want to pay that much for all those keys.  After all, I really only wanted the fun ones.  BUT!  When you start thinking of all the other things you could make with the million and one keys in that bucket,,, HEY!!!  I just had to take them all. 

SO!  I go home and start loading my truck with all the scrap metal I can think of to sell them.  WOW!  I did pretty good.  On my way back I swung by a neighbor who always sets out metal for any one who wants it.  He works on cars and doesn’t want to bother with it.  I’m so glad he doesn’t.  You see!!!  I drove back to the recycle center, jumped on the weigh scale (so they could see how much my truck weighed), then I unloaded all the metal I didn’t want, then I drove back to weigh my truck again (so they could see how much it weighs now), then I drove over to the office.  OH IT WAS WONDERFUL!  You see, as far as I could tell, I brought in about 700 pounds of metal.  That’s $70 (10 cents per pound).

The boss just looked at me and smiled.  We called it even!!!  I was one very happy puppy.  I think I owe my neighbor some baked goods.  After all, he’s the one that I get all that metal from!!!

SO!  Wanna see my keys???  OK!  Here they come. 

tiger print keys?

Plaid keys?  Rhinestones???

check out the guitar!!!

What's that fishes name??? 

U of Dub, Mariners, M&M's.   A skeleton?

Peace Baby!

Since when did Tinkerbell get naughty???


Harley Davidson

Cartoon Characters, Seahawks, tie dye!

That's about 28 pounds of keys right there!!!

So???  What do you think of my bucket of keys???  There's enough in there to last quite some time.  Well, at least a few big projects!

What would you do with all these???? 

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day! 
What a great sunny day we've had up here in Washington.  I started off my day with the granddaughter here, a phone call from my son and his wife and a letter from my daughter!  Life can't get much better than that!  I hope your day was at least half as good as mine!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some times frustration leads to great art!

Hello!  This week has been so busy and frustrating.  I started making art Tuesday evening and the rhythm just flew!  It was perfect  ...  UNTIL  …  My antivirus program expired on Wednesday.  I went to Best Buy and picked up a great program that was on a great sale.  Happy with my score, I brought it home and put it in my computer only to see my DVD player died!!!  SO!  I took out the laptop.  It uploaded the program just fine.  So, I went back to the dinosaur I call a computer (it’s nearly 11 years old) and tried to get the DVR working.  It wouldn’t work either!  OKAY!  SO!  I waited until the next morning, still no luck.  I turned on the laptop only to see it DIED!  No kidding!  Some how I lost a driver and had to put it back in.  After I did, the antivirus program was gone.  SO!  I tried to reinstall it only to have it tell me I didn’t have the updates on my computer.  I worked on it off and on all day before I finally got the 7 updates that I lost some how!!!  THEN!  The antivirus went in.  ONLY to slow down my computer so much I quit for a couple days and went back to making art.  

What a nightmare these beasts can be!  Some thing so simple that it should only take 10 minutes!  HA!  Not in my house!  At least I finally got it in my dinosaur and we’re back up and running safely.  Just very slowly!  Darn it any way!

I’m going to do a garden art show, here in Everett, June 8, 9 & 10 called Sorticulture!  Get it?  Any thing that sorta goes with horticulture ,,, Sorticulture!  Ahhhh!!!!  It’s a great show.  They bring in close to 15,000 buyers and 100 vendors that bring in any thing that goes in a garden.  All of it is supposed to be hand made from that artist.  You will also find a lot of plants, antiques, food, drinks, music, entertainment and an area for kids.  It’s a great show!  If you are in the area, stop on by!  It’s well worth the visit!!!  My booth is called:

Shelley’s Crustic & Craptastic Garden!

This is what frustration built Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

2 pieces made from junk

lightning rod parts

top of a wood stove

garden architecture

this green guy is made from
the under side of a kids wagon - do you see the crown?

Yep!  toilet tank float and 2 different lamps

What is it???

I don't know!

But!  I liked the textures together. 
It's part hanging lamp, wagon wheel & metal basket
(that might have been a lamp?)

bottles on a stick

These are what I call architectural pieces for your garden!  They sit "inside" a group of flowers and "peek" out to draw attention to your planted area!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell