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Monday, April 30, 2012

Do you ever see a recipe and think … HUH???? Really???

Years ago I tried making brownies with a little water and a can of cherry pie filling.  While they tasted good, they were like soft rubber.  Spongy.  ICKY!  I didn’t add any eggs or oil.  Now I’m thinking I used the lite version of the pie filling, which was probably a mistake.  I might have to try that again.

WELL!  The other day I saw a recipe show up on Pinterest where you only use a cake mix, water and Greek yogurt.  I’m thinking, no way!!!  But, I had to try it.  Hey!  When you buy a cake mix on sale for 79 cents and the yogurt for 75 cents, why not try it!  I looked up the website that went with the pin and found hungry-girl and some fun recipes.  This website had several different versions of making boxed cake mixes.  What I loved most was they gave a little ditty on each cake and what they thought.  It's a fun read, give it a try!  Thanks!

OK!  I did it.  I made this cake.  

Only I didn’t like the amount of water the pinterest recipe called for.  It just wasn’t enough.  It called for 1 cup.  I finally added 1 ¼ cup.  That made a big difference.  I didn’t like the consistency, so I added one egg.  The box called for 3.   My doctor would like this!

So, the only ingredients I added to the cake were one egg, 6 ounces of Greek yogurt and the water. 

Let me tell you, this cake is awesome!  I believe the one egg made a big difference.  This cake tasted absolutely delicious!  It felt heavy when I picked up a piece, but, it tasted light and moist.  It was well worth the try and I’ll try it again on every box cake mix I make from now on.

The frosting.  LOL!  What can I say?  I honestly love most of the better brand name cans of frosting.  I still love some of my home made frostings better.  BUT!  When you’re testing a recipe or you’re taking the cake some place where no one pays any attention to what they’re eating … why not use a quick can!  SO!  I had 2 cans in the fridge that were about half full each.  I put the cream cheese on one end and the dark chocolate on the other.  Then I just ran a knife from one frosting to the other.  By accident I got these pretty little swirls and I left them and made more.  Pretty, huh?

This is the plate I took to my sister
along with a bowl of cherry pie filling.


1 box cake mix
1 1/4 cup of water
1 egg
1 carton Greek yogurt (6 ounces)

Follow the directions on the box, frost and EAT!

Did you notice the piece of cake that’s missing in the picture of the cake pan?  You see I like my cake better without frosting.  What can I say?

Do you ever try making things the “wrong” way to see what will happen?  Do you like to experiment with food?  I do!  I love my kitchen and I love to cook, well, bake! 

Let me know what you think!  Have a good one and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Look what I found this weekend!!!

Joy and I love it when we go walking and some one either cleans out their house, garage or they move.  WELL!  This weekend another person moved.  We found balls.  That’s 5 different balls that I can use to fill with concrete and make spheres out of. 

I’m thinking:

1.     I’ll cut one ball in half
2.     drill a hole in one end of one of the halves
3.     then duct tape the 2 halves back together
4.     fill it with concrete through the hole in the end
5.     once it’s full I’ll put in a 8” piece of 3/8” rebar (I want to be able to stick the rebar in the ground so the ball won't move around)
6.     set the ball in a hole I made in a box of sand so the concrete can’t move around too much and WAIT!

I’ll let you know in a couple weeks what happens! 
Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

yum, Yum, YUM! Look what I found!!!

Okay!  SO!  Here we are on a Tuesday evening and Joy and I are walking down the road just minding our own business.  OK, so we weren’t, minding our own business that is.  We were on the look out for junk.  YES!  You see Wednesday mornings in my neighborhood is garbage pick up day.  So the evening before, we always head out to see what we can find.  THEN, we do most of it again in the morning.  You see I’m too lazy to get up really early to beat the garbage man.  I don’t need that one beer bottle cap that bad.  Soooooo, back to the story.  We get to a place where its either turn left and keep going or right and head towards home.  I went right, Joy went left and she pulled harder.  I’m pretty sure she yelled, “I won”!  SO!  We get 2 houses down and what do we find?  Why Dorothy we’re not in Kansas any more, no, we’re in junk heaven.  Piles of junk!!!  Some one moved today.  Weehaw!  So!  10 minutes later I’m leaving … whining and empty handed. 

DARN!  We tried. 

We kept going around the block any way only to find a nice surprise.  You see there’s this one house that always has 5 to 10 beer bottle caps for “me” in his recycle bin.  I’m sure he puts them in there just for me.  HA!  Well, right next to the garbage can is the top part of an older metal industrial looking seat back.

AND, oh is it the perfect color?  Why, yes, it is!   AND the number on it is even better.

We tried putting it in the canvas recycled bag I always take with me. It kind of fit.  We looked pretty funny walking down the road with all our goodies.  BUT!  My neighbors are great and they are used to it. 

As we got closer to home we talked to one neighbor while his wife went in and brought out a nice sized jar full of beer bottle caps for us!  SCHWEET!!!

Life is good tonight.  Not only did we get in a mile and a half of walking.  BUT!  We also found a great score, more bottle caps and some beautiful cobalt blue bottles.  Just for that, Joy got an extra biscuit when we got home and I rewarded myself with a cup of hot chocolate. 

Did you get a chance to find any thing today?  If so, want to share what it was?  Did you treat yourself afterwards?

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here’s one reason for my blog name

Nearly everyday I walk my dog, Joy, down our alleys here in North Everett.  We try to make it at least 1  to 1 1/2 miles twice a day.  Some times the weather just doesn’t like to cooperate.  You know what they say about the Pacific Northwest and our rain.  Sure!  It rains a lot and most of us are a little pale and rusted.  BUT!  Hey!  When you’re born and raised here you just walk through it and ignore it.  SO!  This morning we got a nice treat as it was sun shining like crazy.  Warm even!  That was a great plus.  SO, off we went.  We were only 3 blocks down the road when we spotted it!                 SCORE!!!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  WELL!  I could too!  I mean come on how many women do you know have dreams of ever owning a Ryobi 10″ compound miter saw???  I know one…. me!!!  SO!  We pass it and check out the neighborhood.  Maybe some one put it there as bait?  You see only 3 houses down from that is our neighborhood drug house!  You know the one.  People going in and out all hours of the day and night.  The one where people of all ages text some one and then they go up the stairs and come back down in 30 to 60 seconds.  WELL!  I wanted to make sure every thing was okay.  And what do we see???  This neighbor was moving out.  Getting rid of “junk”.  Oh I love people who hate clutter!!!  Don’t you?  HUH?  You don’t.  LOL!  I DO!  So, we took the rest of our walk then strolled back to their house, picked up the saw and tried to boogie for home.  CRAP!  That thing was heavy.  Now, I’m far from my 20′s and way out of shape.  But, I normally handle picking up and carrying quite a bit of weight.  By the time I finally packed that thing home, 3 whole blocks, I was sweating, swearing, whining and so very happy I’ve trained my dog to push open the garden gates!!!  She’s so wonderful.  We put the saw up on the bench (the one I found in the alley 2 months ago!  But, that’s for another post.) in the back yard and headed inside the house. 

An hour later we cleaned “her” up and found the reason she’d been dumped in the alley. The bolt that holds the saw blade on is broken off inside the hole it screws into.
BUT!  That’s okay.  They make a tool for that.  All I have to do is hit the local hardware shop, play a little dumb, and they’ll tell me how to use my new tool.  I’m pretty good at playing dumb.  I found that when you do that, they love to help you (just don’t over do it).  So, while I think I know how to use the tool.  I’ll definitely know by the time I get home.  So, I’ll go home, fix it and Voila!!!  I’ll own a new $200 saw.  OK!!!  Cross your fingers.  That’s the way it’s supposed to go!  Wish me luck.  Look!  She’s as clean as she needs to be!

Do you ever go for walks?  Do you ever find any thing good when you do?  I mean… hey!  I find pennies all the time and bring them home.  OH!  Stop laughing.  I really do.  I use them as copper washers right after I drill a hole in them.  Tell me what you think of my score.

Ready? Set? GOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All right ladies and gentlemen!  Look out.  You’ve asked me for years if I have a website.  Well, for now, this is as close as I can get.  Please forgive me!  I love building art, baking, cooking, playing with the kids and animals.  Blogging and websites,,, just not my thing!  SO!  PLEASE!!!  Hang in there with me while I get started!!!  I hope to talk to you about my art, my friends art, a little cooking, a ton of baking and about “stuff”.  Stuff just kind of happens doesn’t it???  I mean, no matter what we plan from day to day stuff just kind of gets in the way.  Most of the time it’s a good thing.  BUT!  Well, let’s just hope it’s all good.  So for the next couple weeks I’ll throw some pictures on here of what I’ve done lately or in the past.  Then as I really begin to understand the process of setting up this blog I’ll get my act together and we’ll talk about what’s going on weekly, then maybe even daily!  Sound okay???  I sure hope so!  If not, well, be kind and let me know!!!  Thanks so much!  Shelley